Creating a backup usb install for Windows 10 upgrade

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    And what are you afraid is being spied on? Your child port collection? Then you should be rightly afraid. Or let me ask you a more pointed question: do you have a mobile phone and apps installed on it?

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    Since I disabled Windows search, I needed a replacement. Using google, I found search everything. It is really cool and works so much faster than Windows search used to work.
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    Lol, you are afraid of Microsoft and subsequently sold your soul to Google?

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    No I am not afraid of Microsoft, my goal is trying to get Windows 10 to work correctly after upgrading a computer from Windows 7.

    Everything is not a google tool. I was saying you could use google to find this application. However, to make it even more simple, I have included the website below.

    Before you comment again, try this and see if I am right.

    On another note I used namebench to give me a better dns to use for my router and also upgraded my routers software. After doing both and running a speed test, it does seem to be an improvement.
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    Ok, fair point, sorry for my misunderstanding, though you could have worded it differently because you can have google actually index certain local files/pages.

    On that note, have you tried to index all your files that you are looking to locate? The initial indexing might be slow but searches later should be very fast. Everything might be faster still but then it does not find common settings or presets that you might want to find that are embedded in the OS. For example, can you type "Ethernet" and it will take you to your network card settings? If you don't yet have indexing turned on then I would first try that.

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    I decided to go try Firefox 64 again. After again testing latest version of Firefox 64 and Waterfox 64. I found that Waterfox 64 uses less memory and processes, so for now I will stick with it for a Windows 10 64 bit system with 8 GB of memory.
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    Windows 10 Anniversary update broke the printer. To fix this issue.

    1) In WaterFox and/or Firefox, you need to "refresh" the browser to stop error of it saying selected printer can't be found. Refreshing means you are basically clicking a button under about that resets the browser without any add-on that you may have had so you will need to reinstall them like Adblock plus.

    2) Next leave the printer on, but remove the USB cable from the back of it.

    3) Uninstall the printer drivers and any toolbox drivers from Programs and Features. Also, if you like uninstall any old print drivers from printers that you no longer use.

    4) Go to your printer manufacture's website and download the latest drivers for Windows 10 64 for your model of printer. (If you are using a real old printer and there are no Windows 10 drivers for it, you may need to think about buying a new printer).

    5) Install the drivers. Do NOT restart the computer at the end. Instead exit from that prompt, and plug the USB cord back into the printer.

    6) After you here a beep signifying that it's connected, you can restart the computer. After the computer is back on, go to setting and devices and select your printer. Then click manage your printer and set it as default. You should now be able to print a test page to your printer.
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    Either Windows 10 Anniversary update or the latest one caused 2 major problems.

    1) Notebook would start up after Windows 10 started and say access denied.

    Solution: This was caused by a hidden startup file called desktop.ini that is in a hidden startup directory under AppsData. I had to delete this file. However, once you turn on hidden files under view in File Explorer to see the file, it will not let you delete it. So I had to install a take ownership registry hack to be able to take ownership of this file and finally delete it.

    2) I again starting having my wireless access disconnect every so often.

    Solution: In device manager, go to your wireless network adapter and make sure allow computer to control power management is not checked. It was not. However, under driver, it was back to using a Windows default driver instead of my manufacturers driver. So go download the latest Windows 10 64 bit driver for your card.

    Now to actually install the driver without getting the message that you already have the best driver installed:

    1) Choose “Update Driver Software” (SAME as above)
    2) Choose “Browse my computer for driver software” (SAME as above)
    3) Choose “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer” (DIFFERENT!)
    4) Click “Have Disk” button (DIFFERENT!)
    5) Select the directory with the correct drivers and then select the monitor make/model
    6) You’re done! Congrats, you’ve outsmarted Windows

    You may need to reinstall your network driver again after the next update if you don't set Windows to not update drivers during the update process. But always check after an update anyway since I believe some major updates still force you to their drivers.
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    Was able to reduce my CPU usage back under 10% when just using Waterfox.

    1) I disabled Microsoft Telemetry which seems to send Microsoft data ever 30 min and increases CPU usage plus obviously it reduces Internet bandwidth.

    2) I renamed the helper to old helper to prevent it from using CPU and memory.

    I also ordered a better usb network card with an antenna to hopefully get a better wireless connection and to see if the drivers of this brand work better with Windows 10 to not lose my connection as much.
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    I finally had to do a clean install of Windows 7 on a laptop with 4 GB of RAM that had Windows 10 since it was still running too slow and not working right. Also, some of the older laptops can't be upgraded to 8 GB of RAM so they do actually run better on Windows 7.
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