CRF Cornerstone Total Return Fund

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by BMK, Feb 4, 2021.

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    CRF is technically not an ETF. It is an actively managed closed-end fund. But it is an exchange-traded product...

    Anyone want to speculate as to why it tanked almost 12% earlier today?

    As I write this, it is down about 6% from yesterday's close.

    The fund has a large stake in AMZN, but I don't think that alone explains what is happening.

  2. I'll guess there was a big seller.

    CRF is a nut job closed end fund that trades at a premium to NAV. Huge annual dividend is a return of capital.

    In a raging bull market NAV has dropped from $18.69 year end 2015 to $10.15 year end 2019.

    Looks to be a horrible investment.
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  3. BMK


    You may be right. There was a massive spike in volume yesterday.

    Do you think all CEFs are nut jobs? Or only those that trade at a significant premium over a sustained period of time? Or just this particular CEF?