Crushing your dreams about trading

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by qlai, Aug 8, 2021.

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  2. So true!
  3. "algorithmic" retail traders, lol
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  4. Why? we have some here on ET...
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  5. Ouch... Here was me thinking my hundred bucks would be my retirement source hahaa
  6. Why what? I'm not "Enchanted" like you Tim, can't read minds :D
  7. virtusa


    Another guru who cannot trade and decided to teach others. LOL.

    He first tells it is impossible to make money in trading...
    But then he comes up with a solution: pay him to "teach" you how to make money.

    "Matthew is a full-time stock trader as well as a gym trainer, video production editor/maker and a tutor." So a "professional trader" with several jobs???

    "On a positive note, though, he received his inheritance and dedicated a portion of it to trading. However, just a few months of trying rendered him 35% poorer owing to some basic trading mistakes." Does not sound like a real guru who will teach you.
    You Can Rent a (Grounded) Private Jet Just to Take Instagram Photos In
    That's what he probaly did to impress people:


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  8. newwurldmn


    How would you feel if you rented a grounded private jet just to take Instagram photos? I think I would sepiku myself if I had to project that kind of fraud knowing that I will actually never own a jet.

    (I don’t own a jet, but it’s my dream that one day I will and if I fulfill that dream, I won’t post a photo of it)
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  9. virtusa


    Already several US bloggers got caught. Just shows how fake that world is.
    Brainless bloggers and brainless followers.
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    I wonder how many porno companies have approached the LA company.
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