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    mans kill environment with insane energy use meanwhile. So far cryptos are so manipulated it makes central banks choir boys. Plus cryptos are great for criminals.
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  2. I agree with all of your points. Those are a few of the MANY reasons I laughed off crypto for years (fake internet money lol). Still think BTC is garbage and useless.
    However I finally bought my first crypto in March and although I think 90% of the market is crap/ponzi/garbage, there are a handful of projects that I think are incredible and have bought into knowing (expecting) total failure or astronomical gains in the years ahead.

    All I can say is from a LONG TIME crypto hater, just do some crypto homework and I think you will find some worthwhile projects for a few % of your play money portfolio.
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  3. Sprout


    Programmable money that plants trees
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    absolutey. Exactly how I am approaching it as well. Do you mind sharing which ones you picked ?
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  5. Like it or not, crypto is the financial future. Sooner or later you'll be flipping tokens, especially if you're financially intelligent and/or a trader/investor. Better start now, it's still relatively very early.

    Remember, the masses doubted the electricity first, than the radio, then the TV, then the PC, then the WWW, then the mobile phone, then BTC, then EV... all these are mainstream now, like the running water in your kitchen.
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  6. Talking about insane energy consumption - calculate roughly the energy consuption by all the banking offices in the world (electricity, heating, ventilation, climatization, transportation of staff to/from work, etc.), and then imagine a WBW (WorldBankingWeb) based on crypto - trustless, staffless, offices-less network, based on immutable secure code, with direct immediate access from your smart device...
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    I would totally agree with you if you can explain to me its purpose/value. All of the things you mentioned are vital and changed our civilisation for the better, made us connected and let info spread more or less freely. I just can not see any real value in cryptos. If cryptos were to disappear tomorrow, how would it affect our world? And The answer is most would not even notice.

    cryptos are speculative vehicles that are heavily manipulated. So far it’s best purpose for some to get very rich while killing environment and allowing criminals to move money much easier.

    I totally get future usefulness of block chain.

    I downloaded one of the projects and was planning to fork it, but then realized why???? The whole thing is silly, there are over 10k project now.
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    Things you mentioned are vital to our society. When you have BTC consuming more energy than Argentina, it is insane. Plus VISA can process 100,000 transaction in time it take to process 1 BTC transaction. Just to put things in perspective.
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  9. By position size-

    XRP and VET much larger than all the others because I like them more and to be honest the others have exploded over the past year and I think they will retrace a lot so I can get them cheaper.

    Good luck RD
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  10. The only cryptocurrency I recommend is Ultra (UOS), a game distribution platform. I look for 3 things, what is the use case for the token, are people actually going to use the platform, how are they going to get people to use it and how many people. Checks all the boxes. Biggest partnership in crypto, but few know about it. AMD is their major partner. They just did a podcast together with the department head of blockchain from AMD.
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