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  1. Not all blockchains use a lot of power. Check out chains that use eosio, such as eos, wax, uos, ... they use almost no power compared to bitcoin. They are just a few servers running, many people are very ignorant about this. There are very excellent alternatives available, these will be the future.
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  2. Those are solid coins. You will do very very well holding them.
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  3. Robert111 Thank you for putting it out, this makes so much sense . People think BTC is the only crypto in existence. Other crypto such as LTC, Ripple and Cardano consume less electricity. Ignoring cryptos is like ignoring an evolution of a lifetime. Although I am very bullish on RLC, it has a lot of potential and is being backed by some really good projects.
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  4. Snarkhund


    Dot is interesting for the reasons you say.

    As for SHIB... nothing wrong with having a billion of them in some forgotten corner of your wallet LOL.

    I watched a friend find $490k of Doge in an ancient wallet. You never know.
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  5. Cardano is my favorite.
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  6. Anybody here doing HEX? It is crazy solid!! Love it. I even stopped trading the stock market. It's not worth it anymore.
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  7. RedDuke


    crazy solid :D
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  8. korzes


    where do you buy HEX I have checked metamask , but the fees are tragedy

    sorry typo I meant HEX
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  9. johnarb


    Biggest volume is on Uniswap dex, but the fees on Ethereum (Uniswap is on the Ethereum network) are high)

    You can try balancing it out by swapping a bigger amount per trade, say $1000+ worth so the fees are a smaller % of the value traded

    PS: I do not own any HEX, nfa
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  10. All true.

    Yes, I use Metamask and Uniswap to trade HEX against ETH. I am accumulating both coins for the future. Have also staked HEX which earns me an interest. At least 2 more years all crypto is in a major bull-market phase, and this HEX is sensational!

    Yes, the stransaction fees are in eth, anything below 0.02-0.01 is fine, but when the network is busy, tx cost soars to 0.05-0.09 eth, just wait for activity to drop, usually mid-asian session. I ususally don't look at fees in dollar terms.
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