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  3. HEX on war!!
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  4. Snarkhund


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  5. johnarb


    I bought Hex a couple of days ago and added more yesterday :)

    It's actually holding up well during this crypto downturn

    I realized now (very very late) that Hex may be a ponzi, but it's not a scam

    It will keep paying out 40% APY on Hex tokens, because there's a lot of tokens circulating, and the price may just continue to go up (I hope)

    Richard Heart is coming out with an "airdrop" pulse chain which is a fork of Ethereum so could be a catalyst for more pump of the Hex coin

    I may add more Hex... :banghead:
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  6. mlawson71


    Bitcoin and Ethereum will always be my favourite.
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  7. Too heavy, too slow IMO
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  8. BKR88


    I think utility coins may be regulated to death to keep them from replacing fiat but crypto will still become an investment class similar to gold/silver so the functionality (speed, transaction cost) of the coins may not matter much. Alts are faster/cheaper but big money will likely stay with BTC/ETH for a while yet IMO.
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  9. mlawson71


    They move fast enough for me, I confess I don't like too much volatility and Bitcoin is already plenty volatile for my taste.
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  10. Snarkhund


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