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    Ahhhh, that's probably why it keeps going up! Thanks for the info!

    I do not plan on buying it, though, since it's already up way, way too much
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    Also, as a heads up to the community, just saw this video on youtube that was recommended to me about a guy who just lost all his crypto. The spoiler is that someone must have gotten his login info for his Metamask wallet, and since there is no 2FA, once they have the password, you're toast. His coins were transferred out in minutes. Its interesting that someone with years of experience could still be swindled like this.

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    @johnarb Can you vet this claim of loss?
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    I don't know the guy, but I agree with him that Metamask does not have 2fa and is always logged on, which you can manually log out of

    There's an option for a hardware wallet like Ledger Metamask integration but I do not use one so I don't have an opinion on it

    I have 6 figures $ of cryptos on Metamask, but I spread it on many Metamask wallets and each wallet can have many accounts

    At one time, I had over $700K worth of BNB which was stored on 2 Metamask wallets. Metamask can connecgt to Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche chain, Fantom chain, and other chains

    I've never been hacked. Knock on wood

    I have accounts and passwords that have been hacked on servers out there, but that's the same with any servers that store my accounts for example, I got letters from Macy's and Target saying they were hacked and my personal info, blah blah blah, also credit cards, I think PayPal sent me a new card a couple of years ago as they were hacked, whatever, I don't worry about those things, lol

    I don't do Windows. Not on any banking stuff, nor cryptos. I don't even do MacOS or IOS, don't care for that Apple walled garden

    He talks about his desktop at home and Mac? laptop. My guess is he has malware at his Windows desktop. He also uses his phone. He has too many attack surfaces, tbh. He may have malware on his phone, too

    Connecting to WiFi does not automatically mean you get hacked. Sure there are packet sniffers and possible man-in-the-middle attack vectors, but that's why every site you go to should be already bookmarked and not typed or googled. If you get a warning from the browser that the site is not trusted, close everything, man-in-the-middle is feeding you a fake certificate

    Also use a VPN when connecting to untrusted WiFi and it better not be a free VPN

    But I agree, he should have been using the hotspot on his cell phone

    I don't know what happened to him, I wish him the best, hope he recovers from it. I would recommend Chrome laptop or Chrome desktop for him in the future
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    So what you are saying, essentially, is that the guy was a moron, and you wish he was somewhere else?

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  8. Some Very Nice Coins Listed here...fully agree

    ETH depending on how 2.0 goes

    And the Ledger Wallet

    Very Few People on the forum Mention using Linux instead of Windows or AppleOS. Not sure why. In 14 years of trading I have only used Linux the last 10 years. Seems like setting up Linux desktops and servers for trading and crypto would be a very popular topic.
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  9. Crypto has a lot of haters. Many stories twisted to look like scams. SquidCoin was always meant as a coin for the game. Never to be widely bought and sold outside of the game. PancakeSwap helps people buy and sell alt coins but that doesn't mean they should be heavily traded. Some folks caught up in the popularity of the Netflix series jumped into it hoping to capitalize with the coin. PancakeSwap helps people buy and sell altcoins but that doesn't mean the coins should be speculated. Specially as the game designers said the coins were not meant to be bought and sold in large number outside the game. They told the players the coins wouldn't be allowed to be sold in large number from the start. And buying them was structured for game use. The rise in value was caused by larger than expected demand for the game and from a few pancake sellers who sold a small number of coins after the surge in demand.
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  10. Tron TRX is similar. The coin is being held very close to the game and selling large amounts can be problematic. But, the games and the entire ecosystem for decentralized development look very Interesting and the coin has held its value well.
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