Crypto Futures Trading Competition - Free to join, $6000 in prizes

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  1. TradeEMX


    EMX lets you test your trading skills and compete with other crypto futures traders for free in this trading competition, starting May 9 till May 19. We’re giving away $6000 in prizes - even a prize for "most rekt" traders!

    Invite Link:

    Top traders will split a prize pool of $6000+:
    • 1st place % profits: $2000
    • 2nd place % profits: $1000
    • 3rd place % profits: 750
    • 4th place % profits: $500
    • 5th place % profits: $300

    • 1st place Most Rekt: $500
    • 2nd place Most Rekt: $250

    • 1st place top referrer: $400
    • 2nd place top referrer: $250
    • 3rd place top referrer: $150

    How it Works:
    1. Join the competition through this link, and create an account (if you don’t have one already)
    2. On May 9, start trading - your performance is based on % gained in the end regardless of your portfolio value
    It’s completely FREE to join, no deposit required. We just want to test our exchange.
    More details here:

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  2. RedDuke


    Hi Jim,

    How does your business model work? How can I buy a share of Microsoft using your technology?

  3. TradeEMX


    We won't have single stock equities on our platform (at least not at launch or this year). But we'll make futures contracts available on the platform, like WTI or gold.

    On our testnet we have the most liquid crypto contracts so feel free to test it out yourself.

  4. RedDuke


    I just used equity as example, WTI is even better. Today I send order to my broker to buy 1 Oil contract and within fraction of a second I get filled. It is part of my portfolio now. Can you please cover how your platform will work in this example.
  5. TradeEMX


    It works the same way, you login to the exchange, deposit cryptocurrency as collateral and then place an order through an order ticket. We have portfolio margin too on the platform. Hope that answers your question.
  6. gkishot


    Do I understand you correctly that one can use bitcoin to trade bitcoin? What good is it for?
  7. TradeEMX


    This is a derivatives exchange. So you can use bitcoin to trade all kinds of contracts and products - altcoins (other crypto), equity futures, commodity futures, etc. Bitcoin is simply one of the forms of currency/collateral usable on the exchange.
  8. RedDuke


    In case of Oil, will my order go to CME and get filled there?
  9. TradeEMX


    Nope - your order is filled on our exchange.
  10. RedDuke


    But then it is not a real purchase or sell of commodity, more like virtual game. Am I missing anything?
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