Davd Landry on Swing Trading

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  1. I kind of like this book.
    Someone mentioned it a few months ago as being a benefit to their trading so I bought a used copy for $13.
    It's a simple book. Dave describes a few setups and triggers that he uses/used. Then shows examples, explaining his thought process on each chart. In fact, the whole book is his thought process on all aspects of trading.
    You may not find his setups useful but, for a beginning trader it's like having a mentor telling you what he finds useful, and maybe it will make you think also.
    There is of course nothing new, but I enjoy looking at charts, seeing how someone would trade them, and figuring out how I would trade them. This process allows me to see and find other patterns that I may want to infestigate.
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    Dave's been at a long time and he's a good guy.
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    I second that
  4. Wow, thanks!
  5. Thanks! You can get my other books here for free if you like:
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    Big AAPL

    You may have inadvertently gave birth to a new catch phrase.
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    I was thinking lantern flies...but that works too.
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    @Davelandry99 , I am curious if you were/are trading the meme stocks? You used to trade all the high IV stocks in your service from what I remember.