Day & Night trading Derivatives Futures

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    Continuation from my previous thread -
    Day trading Derivatives Futures.

    Decided to change the title to make it more representative.

    Exchanges which I am trading :
    CME, SGX, Eurex, HKFE

    Time used UTC +8

    Trading various futures like equity index, financial, commodities, agricultural, currencies ...
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    Exchanges which I had traded before :
    ICE US
    Bursa Malaysia Berhad
    Dubai Gold Commodity Exchange
    MCX India

    Exchanges which I am considering trading :
    ICE Europe Financial
    Dalian Commodity Exchange
    Korea Exchange (to trade bonds)
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    30 Aug endless abundance day summary

    # signals during early Asian session : ZERO !!
    # signals during early eur session : 12
    # signals during end Eur / early US session : 5

    movers were :
    most index futures, Germany Italy US bonds, gold, oil.
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    2 Sep Asian session, endless abundance day

    Don't be fooled by last Fri Asian session performance.
    It is very very very rare to have zero signal.
    Better be alert. Signal might come out of nowhere.
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    so you trading hsi?
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  7. I took a look at your other journal earlier, but couldn't seem to see your results posted. Seems like it's mostly EOD commentary. Mind me asking if you're making money?
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    I've already retired from trading.
    My main purpose of the Journal is to get myself ready for the next trading session.
    to prepare for that, I analyse past few minutes / hours data.
    I used to post my trade live but it was too distracting for me.
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    2 Sep Asian session

    US index futures gapped down.
    bonds and gold gapped up.
    It might take sometime before the market direction is clear.
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    3 Sep US session

    what happened so far ...
    US & Germany bonds - already went up
    gbp - good day range of 220 pips
    US index futures - going nowhere
    oil and copper - very strangely both went down due to whatever strange reason.
    The reason given by the news sounded strange.
    Perhaps we will only know the real reason 1 day later.
    gold - it appears to be laggard

    Not a good sign for US session.
    I don't think I will trade with huge quantity.
    but then things might change later.

    Shanghai INE International Energy Exchange.
    Understand foreigners can trade INE products like
    crude oil & TSR 20 Rubber.
    volume traded is very high.
    similarly Dalian Commodity Exchange iron ore volume is very high.
    should explore further.

    I see that from Esignal, we can subscribe for
    Dalian Commodity Exchange, Shanghai Futures, Shanghai INE & Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange datafeeds.
    These are the mega exchanges.
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