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    3 Sept Germany buxl summary

    up @225p when Eur market opened. max profit 3000 euro/lot
    down @935p when US market opened. max profit 1400 euro/lot
    up @1003p when US mfg PMI data was released. max profit 1250 euro/lot.
    total max profit 5650 euro/lot.

    buxl personality
    - movement could be very rapid. have to be very alert.
    - movement relatively trendy
    - candlestick rather long. have to double the usual stop loss.
    - some landmines. only trade at certain times
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    4 Sept Eur session

    hmm. Now the earth is spinning very fast ;

    Index futures up, bond down.
    Let's see if there will be another tsunami wave.

    Market Tsunami wave started during today Asian session actually.

    must be some major news which we will hear from the news reporters many many hours later.
    news reporters react & report the news very very very slowly.

    ok. new's out. it is about Hongkong extradition bill.
    ie news is very very slow by humongous 6 hours.
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    4 Sept endless abundance day summary

    The earth was spinning faster than usual.

    Most index futures were up during Asian and early Eur session.
    Come US session, there was not much meat left.
    In fact, there were more landmines.

    Germany bond went down significantly and then up significantly

    USD based :
    copper up @959a ( trend continuation from previous day)
    GBP up @140p ( trend continuation from previous day)
    eur up @307p (trend continuation from previous day)
    oil up @700p (trend continuation from previous day)
    PL up @700p ( long blue candles for 5 days already)
    gold up @842p
    NG up @1200a ( trend continuation for many days)

    Only those with Reward Risk ratio of > 3:1 is included in this list.
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    Day trading will overfill your cup.
    Get your biggest cup ( or rather biggest container) ready.

    Again max loss per day : 3 digits (ie $999)

    Target profit per day : 4 or 5 digits.

    Don't count profit by dollars but by digits.

    For those in
    trading House,
    Max loss could be 4 digits.
    Target profit 4 or 5 or 6 digits.
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    5 Sep Asian session

    basically continuation of what has happened yesterday;
    Index futures up, gold down.
    Nikkei which usually sleep now going up in an almost perfectly straight line.
    for such market, trading platform one click function is very important.
    Not all trading platforms have such function.

    HKFE probably experienced very heavy traffic. now their system malfunctioned / over heated?
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    5 Sep Eur session

    most index futures already went up.

    Main focus for this session will still be Germany bond due to its trendiness & huge
    during today Asian session, buxl dropped 3000 euro / lot.
    obviously we can't trade it due to very low volume, and no retracement.

    HKFE still down
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    5 sept US session endless abundance day

    earth is spinning very fast.
    signals everywhere;
    index futures , oil up (oil seems to be laggard), gbp up
    bonds down, gold down

    mega star performer goes to Germany buxl.
    max profit ~ 7000 euro / lot.
    Germany buxl has been a great performer for many months

    those trading in trading house could easily earn 5 digits (exclude decimal point) today

    ok. let me wait for oil inventory news. then time to off trading mind.
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    6 sep Eur session

    huge movement from germany bond & gold.
    index futures - zero pulse
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    6 Sep summary

    movers were :

    sleepers were :
    currencies as usual
    most index futures
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    12 Sept Asian session

    what happened so far ...
    US index futures already went up.
    subsequently gold went down.

    Price moved due to Presidential tweet.
    interestingly there were many big boys and traders (and perhaps machines?)
    in this world who were very alert & profited from sudden tweet.

    Hangseng gapped up. then reverse to go down.
    will it reverse to go up later?
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