Day & Night trading Derivatives Futures

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  1. Does this mean that you have made all the money that you want from trading and that you are satisfied with that?


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  2. maxinger


    right mister.
    Now I am trading on reduced quantity & also to pass my time meaningfully.
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    12 Sept Eur session

    so far, movers were
    NQ, Hangseng, gold, Taiwan Index.

    Hangseng - not reversing to go up.

    Germany bond - day range still healthy, thought it has been decaying past few days.

    Italy bond - past 2 days, it moved during early US session due to whatever reason.
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    12 Sept ECB news trading

    what happened past few hours ...

    Germany bonds, gold up

    dax, NQ - seems like they have found their comfort zone

    currencies - as usual, zero pulse
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  5. Do I have a chance?

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    cont ...

    ha! getting old already.
    I missed the Germany buxl signal.
    those who were very fast and managed to long Germany buxl just now should be earning about 5000 euro / lot in < 10 minutes time

    luckily managed to catch Italy bond.

    sigh... should have traded US bond too as its movement is not so chaotic.
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    16 sep US session

    what happened so far ...

    Asian index futures - zero pulse
    NQ already went down and up
    germany & US bonds - already went up
    gold - seems like sleeping
    oil - already went down and up

    will there be any meat or just skins and bones and insides during US session?
    as of now, things don't look promising.
    anyway, things might change later.
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    17 Sept session

    gold decaying day range
    12 sep 36 points
    13 sep 24 points
    16 sep 16 points
    17 sep ??

    crude oil decaying day range ?
    16 sep 4.6 points
    17 sep << 4.6 points ?
    strange ... why broker ask for higher margin ?!?!!?

    market is trying to reach zero pulse ?
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  9. maxinger


    17 Sep US session

    bonds & perhaps crude oil finally sleeping.
    & broker still haven't reduce the margin ?!?!

    lately RTY tends to be rather active.
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  10. maxinger


    19 sep US session

    NQ, gold already went up

    Germany bond already went down and up

    oil already went up and down due to whatever reason.

    Eur and US day light savings coming to the end soon.

    Serious decision :
    To consider trading whole of Eur session, and no US session.

    US session is my sleeping time .
    Age is catching up with me anyway.
    I used to say there were lots of meat during Eur session.
    Come US session, there is only skins and bones and insides left.
    Personally I don't like trading US session, and I am biased to some extent.

    so perhaps I should just focus on early Asian session, whole of Eur session,
    and zero out US session totally.
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