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    20 Sep mid Asian / Eur session

    something very major happening to India Nifty.
    sigh ... some horrible Internet service provider problem.
    Past few months no ISP problem except today.
    instead of earning thousands of dollars, I only earned hundreds of dollars !!!
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    cont ...
    Ok. it is the India corporate tax rate things.

    so far there are 3 tsunami up waves.
    wonder how many tsunami waves there will be.

    Who knows, India Nifty might break the day range record today.

    I am sure no economic calendar or news talked about the impending India tax rate things.
    financial News reporters must be sleeping.
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    cont ...
    India Nifty
    The day is not over yet.
    as of now, there are 5 Tsunami up waves.
    & day range ~700 points (6 %).

    record day range was on 18 May 2009, at 770 points
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    20 Sept summary

    Asian session
    India Nifty up massively. No pre warning from economic calendars or financial news reporters.
    Gold was up.
    Asian indices - zero pulse. It has been this way for the past few days. Perhaps big boys waiting for some trade war news.

    Eur session
    Germany buxl - moved rather jerky ie there were quite a few landmines here and there.
    eur gbp down.

    US session
    Finally Germany buxl went up massively.
    NQ down
    gold up. bonds and gold tend to inter correlate.
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    23 Sep Asian session

    Asian session has been a rather dangerous session.
    big boys are waiting for something major or trigger to move the market.

    I'd better trade with reduced quantity.

    India Nifty. No idea how market is going to behave. Last Fri it has very long blue candle.
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    23 Sep Eur session

    NQ dax - directional-less

    French German flash mfg & services data coming up.
    past few months, such data could move the market massively.
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    24 Sep US session D day #1
    D day - Dead, Deadly, Dooms, Damn, Damaging, Destructive, Darn, Disaster.... day

    After yesterday flash mfg & Services data, market is now dead.
    When will it wake up?
    Defibrillator or powerful tweet please.
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    cont ...

    Market has been extremely quiet.
    I'll monitor for another hour.
    And if market still don't wake up, then no more trading for today.

    seems like 25 Sept will be D day # 2 ?
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    25 sept Asian session
    ok. no D Day #2

    reflection on yesterday US session.
    US index, oil, futures down,
    gold, bonds up.
    however, movement was very jerky messy spiky chaotic.
    Those who use big volume / time frame chart with bigger stop loss would be elated.
    I was stopped out.

    lately there were very few signals during Asian session.
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    26 sep Asian session

    big boys will probably react to yesterday US session;
    US index futures were up,
    bonds and gold down
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