Day & Night trading Derivatives Futures

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  1. maxinger


    cont ...

    well. The market decides to sleep.
    OK. time to stop trading, and do other thing.

    Let's see what the Europeans are going to do.
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  2. maxinger


    26 Sep Eur session

    great move by India Nifty !

    Will monitor index futures, bonds and perhaps gbp.
    hmmm. somebody already longed US XUB

    Platinum was down yesterday. But it seems more like laggard to me.
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  3. maxinger


    27 sep eur session

    Market has quietened significantly.

    hmm. seems like Germany bond is excellent for heavy scalping.
    Let me do it and contribute some volume.
    already shorted gdp. so now can focus on germany bond
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  4. maxinger


    cont ...
    germany buxl signals so far ...

    254p up
    321p down
    350p up scratch trade
    417p down

    I am sure there will be more
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  5. maxinger


    27 sep summary

    Asian session - extremely muted. It has been this way for quite sometime.

    Eur / US session -
    gold and Germany bond - long red candle
    crude oil - big day range. price went down and up and down
    US index - long red candle. however, there were quite a few landmines.
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  6. maxinger


    30 sep Eur session

    germany bond


    dax NQ seems like it has found its comfort zone

    gold - already went down during Asian session
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  7. maxinger


    30 sep US session

    many things moved during eur session ;
    -Germany bond
    -USD based like gold, crude oil, NG, PL, eur

    seems like come US session we are left with skins and bones and insides.
    will monitor for 1/2 hour. if there is still no thick slab of wagyu beef , I will off my computers.
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  8. maxinger


    2 OCT summary

    major movers were

    Index :
    India Nifty
    US index

    crude oil

    and to some extend simsci, gbp, Platinum

    Bonds quietened down significantly.
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  9. maxinger


    3 oct US non mfg pmi

    sigh ...
    again US market getting 'worse' due to extremely huge volume within few micro seconds.
    whole world might be trading during Oct US session.
    Esignal and internet simply couldn't cope with it.
    terrible lag problem from esignal but my trading platforms are coping well.

    again market not tradable due to terrible lag problem.
    seems like it is going to happen for the next few days / weeks.

    alternatively trade Asian and Eur sessions as Asians and Europeans will react to such major US news.

    those trading from trading house should be happy.
    Who knows, someone might actually fly all the way to US to trade.

    seems like tomorrow NFEC will be another untradable day for those who trade from home.

    well. I already hit my max stop allowable due to lag problem / carelessness ...
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  10. traider


    U trade the news headline? It's algo dominated unless the news is special. there is no way retail can match the lightspeed of those who have invested billions in infra
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