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    4 Oct US NFEC multiple (charts) FREEZING session



    what happened so far ...
    Hangseng long red candle due to ban on mask.
    India Nifty long red candle but movement was very chaotic.

    Index futures, gold, currencies ... sleeping

    past few days during US sessions, charts freezed due to heavy traffic.
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    cont ....

    sigh ....
    When I have all the monitoring tools ready, there is no freeze.
    seems like the NFEC news has not much impact. well will monitor for a little longer.
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    7 Oct US Freezing ---> Deadly, Dead session?

    after NFEC news, market has quietened significantly.
    Come US session, will it continue to be deadly? will it move?
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    8 oct summary

    asian session - lead moving session
    main movers were NQ gold Hangseng, China A50

    Eur session - lead moving session
    main movers were India Nifty, bonds, gold, NQ, dax, copper, gbp

    US session - laggard sleeping session
    only left with skins and bones and insides
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    9 Oct summary

    Lately there are quite a few D sessions (dead, deadly, dooms, damaging, destructive ....).

    asian session - laggard deadly session
    only 1 signal

    Eur session - Lead moving session
    11 signals !!
    movers were India Nifty, bond, gold, oil, gbp, NQ

    US session -
    only 1 signal
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    10 Oct Asian session

    US index already
    swing down massively (virtually impossible to catch this signal)
    then swing up massively
    then swing down massively.
    for such market , must set stop loss far far away.

    it seems to be forming close wedge pattern.

    Asian index will surely gap down.

    gold and oil - seems to be laggard
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    cont ....

    NQ signals so far ...

    swing down @610a (impossible to catch this signal )

    swing up @757a

    swing down @808a

    swing up again @916a

    swing down again @ ????
    swing up again @ ???
    swing down again @ ???
    Let's see what the Europeans are going to do.

    cnbc headline was
    " Dow futures slip in wild overnight trading after report that trade talks have stalled"

    If target audience was day traders,
    headline would be :

    " US index futures swing up and down massively and decisively during overnight trading after report that trade talks have stalled. This provided huge opportunity for day traders.


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  8. maxinger


    cont ...

    sigh.... there is virtually no news in internet meant for day traders.

    Bloomberg headline was
    Conflicting Trade Signals Rocked Markets With Three Hours of Chaos

    for Day traders, news would probably be written as :

    Clear trade signals Rocked markets with 3 hours of opportunities.
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    11 Oct US session

    what happened so far ....

    index futures , GBP already went up

    gold, US & Germany bonds already went down

    come US session, market either
    continue its trend
    reverse its trend
    or sleep (ie left with skins and bones and insides)
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    14 oct summary

    early asian session - only 1 signal
    asian session getting rather deadly

    early Eur sesion - 7 signals
    movers were bonds, gbp NQ, crude oil

    early US session - only 2 signals
    US session getting rather deadly
    mover was GBP
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