Day & Night trading Derivatives Futures

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  1. maxinger


    OK. Time to expand my hobby.
    more things to trade.

    Vietnam index futures: VN30

    Key information :

    1 TICK =0.1 POINT =10K VND Vietnamese Dong, ~US$0.44

    From HNX Hanoi Stock Exchange

    margin requirement - ~ US$1k / lot

    contract : monthly contract

    volume chart tbd

    Stop loss : tbd ticks
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  2. maxinger


    Healthy day range.

    so far no decaying day range.

    futures, 24 Jan range, 25 Jan range, 26 Jan range, 27 Jan range

    NQ, 870 (5.8%) , 610, 700,
    ES, 215, 130,150,
    dax, 760 (5%), 290, 420,
    cac40, 370, 135,160
    India Nifty, 640 (3.7%), 610 (3.5%), 300,
    Taiwan Index, 25, 59, 23, 71 (4.6% as of now)
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  3. maxinger


    1 Feb, India Nifty trading

    post mortem / hindsight analysis or whatever

    this day is India budget release day.
    during trading, it could be rather confusing as
    we wouldn't know which way India Nifty was going.
    There were some landmines.
    Overall I was positive.

    time, up/down, max reward risk ratio
    1147a, up, 12
    205p, down, 5
    208p, up, 12
    331p, down, 12
    354p, down again, 5
    346p, up, 9
    356p, up again, 11

    max max RR ratio 66
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    14 Feb Eur session

    dax, cac40, omxs30, fesx, mib, ES, NQ, rty crude oil down.

    today is one of the easiest days to day trade because all these moved in tandem.

    because of rapid price movement, only use one-click function market order for entry.

    gold - seems like no one is interested to trade it?
    perhaps wait till 2 hrs before the US stock market opens.

    the market is rather hot.
    I can even hear my Aorus computer's fans spinning extra hard & loud.
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  5. maxinger


    suddenly the Asian Eur US index futures

    dax, cac40, omxs30, fesx, mib, ES, NQ, rty
    taiwan index, hangseng, India nifty going up
    due to whatever reasons.
    those who shorted it earlier and didn't have a hard stop would be in agony.

    gold, crude oil, bonds going nowhere.
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  6. maxinger


    sigh ....
    the market is too hot.
    Not only my Aorus computer's fans spinning extra hard & loud.

    There is no Eurex data feed to my charting s/w due to the very heavy traffic.
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  8. Overnight


    A 30 point drop in the ES on news and you guys are freaking out? For how long have you been trading? Sheesh. You guys know what algos are, and how they work, yes?

    Stop freaking out.
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  9. maxinger


    Don't know why it moved so suddenly.
    I thought the bombing has started.

    ES NQ, Hangseng, Taiwan index, India Nifty index futures down.
    copper down.
    crude oil up.

    anyway, I profited a pathetic $500 only in just a few minutes.
    I should have done better.
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  10. maxinger


    17 Feb crude oil futures trading


    Not an easy day to trade today's crude oil futures.
    there were quite a few land mines and the chart was damn ugly.

    today's day range is around 270 ticks (equivalent to $2700 / lot)
    which is quite big.

    How to trade?

    we can't possibly catch W1 (wave 1).
    So attempt to catch W2 (wave 2).

    use say 150 volume chart for entry
    (I used 700V for the above chart).
    wait for wave 2 to form.
    Then wait for price retracement.
    enter after the end of the retracement.

    the big movement at 1200 hrs corresponded to my msg #707.

    cannot trade with huge quantities because of multiple land mines.
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