Day trade with around 2k-3k funding myself

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  1. Can someone recommend me a trading account that allows me to do day trade with funding 2k-3k?
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  3. I am looking to trade stocks not currency. I am sorry, If I wasn't clear.
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    I think AMP or Ninja will let you deposit that. You can start trading the micro index futures but don't risk a dime until you know what you are doing.
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    You cant daytrade stocks with that amount. The SEC requires brokerages to hold clients to a minimum of $25,000 to be designated as Pattern Day Traders (intraday or daytrading). Now you can trade in and out of a stock 3 times in a 5 day period. Anything beyond that and the brokerage will start getting you, suspending, limiting etc.
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  6. So basically he can't daytrade. He's looking for an offshore account
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    Robinhood? They allow pikers to open complicated option strategies. Just sign the indemnification waiver for suicide.
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    My photographic memory reacted to the word offshore.

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    With such a small account of $2,000-$3,000, you are better off swing trading. Learn how to trade properly and about risk management and position sizing, before even trading. With day trading, you probably, will risk most of your monies trading and blow up your account and lose your monies in short order.
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  10. I was doing swing trading all these years almost 7 years.. Now wants to move to day trade. Any assistance is appreciated.
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