Day trade with around 2k-3k funding myself

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    You need better capital for success in stock trading.
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    This. Why would you want to do this? In the unlikely event your account survives, would any gains even be worth your time/effort?
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  4. I can recommend a few but you need your S7, do you have that?
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  5. A number of millionaire stock traders got started day trading low float gappers and penny stocks with just a few thousand dollars in a cash account. He can day trade. He simply cannot use margin nor can he trade with unsettled funds.

    I have never met a millionaire retain forex trader. Has anyone?

    The offshore brokers are not a viable option. Suretrader is now defunct if I'm not mistaken, and others will follow. They are universally frauds.

    Fund a CASH account with TD Ameritrade. You must specifically not ask for a margin account. Learn to use their free Think or Swim platform for charting and scanning, and trade 1 to 10 share lots, keeping position size to 10% of your account. For example, if you deposit $3,000, then your max position size is $300. You can and should trade even smaller while you are learning and developing your trading plan. One share at a time is plenty.

    I start traders with $26,000 so that they do not need to worry about the pattern day trade restriction, but they only have $1000 of allowed risk before they lose their place at the table.

    Trade small, very small until you know what you are doing and have a plan for how you are going to do it.

    Consider this: If you trade 1 share at a time, and you accumulate 10 points, or $10 in losses before you make $10 in profits, you have no business trading 100 shares or 1000 shares. If you were to trade 100 shares and accumulate 10 points in losses, you are now out $1000.

    Trade 1000 shares and accumulate 10 points in losses, you are now down $10,000.

    Commissions are free. Fees are small. Trade one share, 3 shares, 5 shares, 10 shares, but trade small.

    Increase size slowly, and do not increase size until you bank 10 points in net profits.

    Trade 1 share until you have at least $25 in closed net profits. $100 would be better.

    Then trade 10 shares until you have 10 points, or $100 in closed profits.

    Then trade 20 shares until you have 10 points, or $200 in closed profits. If at anytime you accumulate a loss of $100 or more, reduce size back to 10 shares, and continue until you have once again accumulated 10 points, or $100 in closed net profits from your equity low.

    If you get to 20 shares, and you do accumulate 10 points, or $200 in profits, increase to 30 shares. Increase by 10 until you are at 100 shares. Your draw down limit should always be the prior level's closed profits, e.g. if you are up to 50 shares, and you find yourself down $400 from your equity peak, reduce size to 40 shares. If at 40 shares you find yourself down $300, cut back to 20 shares. If the unthinkable happens, and you are down another $100 on 20 shares, reduce to 10 shares. The good new is you will still have plenty of capital remaining to stay in the game.

    Take it slow in the beginning, because if you learn to do this successfully, you will eventually grow your capital at a mind blowing rate. The first 12 to 36 months take it as slow as you need to take it.
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  6. Can you tell me what is this S7 form? Is this for ID verification?
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    I'd go Micro Mini with that amount and retrain to trade Index's no rules that way it's easier aswell don't need to research and scan 100's of charts looking for the next movers.

    I trade DAX and NQ with a FX Spot account started with less, it's worked for me.

    Even the above plan, when you've cycled through your cash, you'll still have to take a day or 2 off before you can trade it again at times, hassle.
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  8. Series 7. If you are able to get selected to trade a firm's capital you will be required to have a series 65 or series 7.

    micro's are 50 share equivalents. Better to trade SPY or the Q's and start with 1 share, work up to 10, work up to 20, ... 50 ... 100.
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    1. Open a paper-trading simulated account with any broker.
    2. Open a checking account and deposit your cash into the checking account.
    3. When you have a winning trade in your simulated account, deduct trading fees and write yourself a check from your checking account, in the amount of your profit.
    4. But when you have a losing trade, write the check in the amount of the loss to a charity.

    Thus, once you have a zero balance in your checking account, you'll feel good that you've had a learning experience, kept a few dollars, and contributed to a worthy cause.
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  10. you cant day trade stocks with 3k, period end of story.

    so hold overnight, or micro futures.
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