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  1. Seems to me that if you just remeber to always set the parent order as a STOP before doing anything else, this should eliminate the probem. Keep in mind, if you put in a limit order, you WILL get filled at the market if your buy price is above the market or your sell price below. This is a "price or better" order, which becomes a market order. However I do not see how you can get filled on anything at all without sending the order:confused:

    And I agree. The platform seems very well thought out. I have been using the demo, and will probably go live on it this week. I have been trading on another platform, and my stop orders, when hit, do not go from the "working orders" window to the "executed orders" window without a significant delay. It is more than a little frustrating not to know if you are filled or not. I hope GFT is not like this. But trading a demo and trading live can be very different, so I will take it slow until I have complete confidence (if possible) in the platform.

    On the demo, late one night I had a limit order to sell some pair I was long at a profit something like 90 pips above the market. The market was very slow when I got the fill. It seemed as if I got the ONLY fill at that price. The price then went back down to approximately where it had been trading prior to the spike.

    I have been wondering since then if just because I was trading play money if someone decided to give me the (imaginary) profitable fill. Could it have been done out of boredom by someone at their trading desk? Could it have been done as a "come on" to entice me to trade live?

    Of course I will never know. My trade showed on their graphs. I should have thought at the time to look at the graph of the same pair on another feed.

    Oh well, live and (hopefully) learn.

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  2. GFT is like that. Especially in a quick-moving market. Can take minutes, not seconds.
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  3. You trade only EUR/USD ? or major pairs ?
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  4. Majors only - nothing exotic.
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  5. There was slippage at FXSOL, but I never experience it at GFT.
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  6. So you're still trading the demo?
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  7. manz66


    Check the link you will get the answer

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  8. I'm trading the demo now. Traded the live version late last year.
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