Death of a friend and continuing to trade?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by jnbadger, Feb 27, 2022.

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    I just don't know where to begin. I'm very systematic about trading, but it is still all manual button pushing. But I feel like I would only royally mess it up because of my emotions. I don't feel obligated to trade, but I sure want to. I'm just numb.
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    I feel like this is the ultimate test.
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    Don't do it. If you feel the need to push buttons just to distract you from the death of your friend, in this highly-volatile market, you are apt to make a mistake.

    Just shut down your trading and take a while to decompress yourself, you know? The markets will be there for you when you are ready to come back.

  4. In the open-outcry pits of the TSX, traders would just kick dead people from heart-attacks to the side of the pits and keep trading.

    Take some time off, the markets will always be there tomorrow (except for Moscow's maybe).
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    Thank you. Both of you. I actually thought about trading no matter what, Charlie Sheen style. I would get my ass handed to me in a second!.
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    Decompress. Breathe in, exhale out.

  7. Sorry about your friend. I don't think trading while emotional is a good thing, so it may be best to take a break for now until you're feeling more level headed.
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    I'll echo the thoughts of taking some time to grieve, relax, and find some peace. Trading will be there, and there are times to walk away, this seems like one.
    Hopefully this won't be polluting your thread, but I have had the experience similiar to yours. My Dad passed away in 2011. I knew he was in tough shape and missed my Mom(2007), but it hit me hard anyway. My sister was a wreck. I was the one who had to make the call to let him go, and at the moment it seemed an obvious choice in light of the circumstances. I ended up doing all the planning for the funeral, giving the eulogy, and meeting with the lawyer afterwards. I was wrapped up in getting it all right, and had no time to think about what just happened. I should have known I wasn't right when the guard did a 21 gun salute outside the chapel and I fu**ing lost it.
    I didn't and it was eating me up. I started pounding booze daily, and trading for the sake of being distracted. The trading didn't end as bad as it should have, but I was a crap hole mess. The wife stepped up and got me help.
    Don't be afraid, embarrased, or any of that shit to go talk to someone. It isn't a magic bullet and all is better, but it will help you move forward, and retain the positive memories. I would say a professional maybe the best option, but if you are religious, most churches have groups, or even just sitting back with friends a few times a month is a good option.
    Sorry for your loss, and peace.
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  9. If you want to trade just to deviate your mind, then you can go ahead with it, but make sure to stick to the rules. You must be experiencing a flurry of emotions right now, but trading is all about strategies, so make sure you trade with a strategy and not by being emotional.
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    Sorry to hear about your loss but it is for the best that you take some time to heal and take a break from trading.
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