Death of Joe Battipaglia

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  1. Saw a brief flash on the tube that JB passed away. Born 1955, so he was a relatively young man. Anyone know what happened?
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  3. thanks for the link. still no details on the cause of death released.
  4. heart attack first comes to mind as he was a large guy but just a guess.
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    This is shocking. Been watching him on the tube for a long time...last time seeing him (think on FoxBiz), he looked just fine.
  6. One of the few television commentators worth watching. I will certainly miss his contributions.
  7. Biggest Dago I ever met. Nice man. Killed a lot of people at Gruntal, and after that, I never listened to him.

    Shocker though. Real shocker.
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    I agree.
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    Life is to short. A shame. Thought to the family. Such a loss. 56 years old.
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