Debunking News Slippage

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What's your take on news slippage?

  1. "Avoid the slippage, institutions are the evil in this world"

  2. "Trying some stuff on my free time to kill the slippage"

  3. "I am the mf who gets the good fills and cause your slippage"

  4. "I YOLO my life saving into SPY calls expiring tomorrow so f**k u and the news"

  5. "No idea what you talking about"

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  1. Hi guys,

    Ever heard the infamous words: "Avoid trading during the news..." and so on?

    I don't see why retail traders should avoid the news, these are the most volatile moments in the markets. As far I am concerned, a lot of people say "avoid the news because of bad fills", the best comments I've ever red are when people refer to "institutions" as they are talking about some kind of illuminati s***t. I have a good laugh when people bring in the discussions Wyckoff and Elliott waves as well. "Ohh look at the institutions, they are accumulating now, etc.." but that's another conversation.

    Personally, I work in trading in an "institution" and I've never heard my bosses planning to wreck retail traders like some evil genius "AHA! Today we are going to crush the retail traders! HAHAH (Evil Laugh)" Darth Vader way :finger::sneaky:

    Anyhow, don't get me wrong, they are mostly right, you get bad fills. Who gets the good ones then? Cause I can assure you, the big boys are not behind some dodgy blackbox trying to kill your trades boys. I know few of them taking advantage of it, but they can't be 100% them all the time. They just have better and faster programs than your average NinjaTrader platform. NT, don't hate me, please. I love you, but you are slow mate!

    What's your take? Are you just going to shut up and let other people cash in while you are watching or some of you tried to do something about it?

    In my humble experience and free time, I am working on something already to get an edge, I was wondering if anyone else is trying to do something or they are just jumping on the "I know it all" bandwagon recommending to others to avoid the news.

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  2. Nobert



    TAL was down 70% during the Friday.
    Saturday comes out the ,,news" about CCP cracking the tutoring sector.

    Pro boyz have a better touch, when it comes to news.
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  3. maxinger


    The infamous words:
    "Avoid trading during the news."
    is wrong.

    It should be :
    "Avoid listening to the professional talkers. Do your own analysis."
  4. SunTrader


    Did someone say Nip Slippage?

    Oh Newze, snooze.


    Trade the reaction ........... not the news - is my adage.
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  5. %%
    Its like MM Blair Hull said ;
    cant go with the news go\ with the truth.......................................
  6. deaddog


    "Institution" is pretty vague. Are you working for a mutual fund, pension fund, hedge fund, portfolio manager, an investment bank or some other type of institution?

    And of course my favourite question; Are you consistently outperforming the S&P? Apparently most institutions don't.
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  7. %%
    Mr Monkey , interesting nickname /\LOL.
    YOU dont have to disclose/ if you outperform SPY/ that'$ personal.
    SO MUCH of the news is filled with talking snakes, spitting cobras , so to speak.
    SRN News, Fox News, CBN News, MRC News, IBD, is different.
    I prefer patterns of elephant tracks/elephant trails/elephant stampedes;
    polar bear tracks, polar bear trails=============================================================================================
  8. deaddog


    I meant the institution he works for.

    As for it being a personal question; It's a question one should ask themselves.
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  9. %%
    I could think of several that not many would want to admit 2/LOL
    THEY said LEH, GM, Bear were to big to fail + actually, all of those failed.
    Even though Bear got sold @ a firesale price to JPM, so every little bit helps..................................................................................

  10. HAHA interesting to read about the other side of the market ngl i use believe the big whale did some a lot of manipulation but never believed it was to kill retails traders
    retail traders together don't even make the 5% of the market, what are you even going to get out of it haha

    Avoiding news was because at time when you trade capital from prop firm they have a limitation of trading during the news and other times it is because of the stop loss not being respected so you could easily cause a violation that would make you lose the account

    There is definitely slippage and delay in execution during news, so that is why many of the traders tend to stay away from that
    your 5 pips stop loss could slip you in for 10 pips difference.
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