Debunking News Slippage

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What's your take on news slippage?

  1. "Avoid the slippage, institutions are the evil in this world"

  2. "Trying some stuff on my free time to kill the slippage"

  3. "I am the mf who gets the good fills and cause your slippage"

  4. "I YOLO my life saving into SPY calls expiring tomorrow so f**k u and the news"

  5. "No idea what you talking about"

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  1. Cabin111


    I've shared this before...Disregard if you don't want to hear.

    I worked at a Hershey plant many moons ago...As a subcontractor. The plant was falling apart...Held together by duck tape and chewing gum! I asked one of the managers what was going on..."Why not fix the problems"?? He said "we are waiting for the quarter to end...We will make our numbers (bonuses), then in the next few weeks, we'll do major repairs all over the plant. The next quarter will be bad for us...We know ahead of time".

    Companies like: ADM, HSY, XOM, KO, TSY, HRL, MCD...Do this all the time. Will I freak out if MCD has a bad quarter?? Not at all!! They have said they will be spending big bucks on automation...A bad quarter is going to show up sometime. Will McDonald's have a happy robot flipping burger machine/french fry maker in a few years?? You betcha...

    If the company is sound and has a bad quarter, (but not losing market share), it may be time to load up on that company...
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  2. Overnight


    Frightening thought. What if on the day you place your order, it is an angry robot? You think an angry human spitting in your food is bad? Just wait until it's automated!

    #12     Oct 5, 2021
  3. Sig


    What kind of an "institution", exactly, has a compliance department that let's their employees involved in trading "work on something to get an edge" in their free time? I've never heard of any professional money management shop, be that an investment bank or a family office or a fund or anything else, that allows employees to trade in a personal account without clearing each and every one of those trades first. And none worth their salt wouldn't have an assignment of inventions clause that made sure that any system you developed on your "free time" belonged to them. Backed up by the fact that you have to agree to trade only in accounts that send duplicates of your confirms to the company. Just curious what kind of unicorn organization you've found that somehow is still in business after ignoring these pretty universal industry norms?
    #13     Oct 12, 2021