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  1. So far from my observation...Shady looking site, but the margin and commissions are top notch they deal with a certified FCM (ironbeam), offer several trading platforms, and funds go to a segregated account in your name

    Any experiences/reviews of this broker? Not sure what to think
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    Their commissions on the page do not include routing fees. You have to add that according to your platform.

    Optimus can provide lower day trading margins on ES ($500).
    We can match/beat their rates and provide a 24 hour support as an AMP IB.
    You can visit us at
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  3. They are a great broker if you know what you want and are experienced. They state this on their website. Its a no frills operation and commission starts at 50c per side for low volumes which is a very low base to start from. They are professional, fair and low cost.
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    The website does look a bit funny.

    Kinda reminds me of an arcade space invaders game.

    If you don't mind me asking, why didn't you want to use AMP?
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    Our commissions start at $0.60/side and we introduce to Wedbush Futures with $154,038,212 of Adjusted Net Capital vs Ironbeam with $2,328,009 as of July 31, 2016.

    Our minimum account size for futures is only $25,000 USD.

  6. Good to know. My understanding is that Deep Discount Trading clears through Dorman, they have 9.8m net capital according to your link. Their account minimum is $4000. You can trade spreads on any of the platforms that allow it.

    What is great for the retail trader and for the pros who a side retail account is that there are plenty of low cost options now for brokers and execution software. Access to markets at low cost has never been better. This is the way it should be.
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    Agreed. My only comment is to never choose your custodian based on fees alone.
  8. Yes i learnt the hard way with MF Global. I now only keep enough cash in my accounts top cover the margin for my trades.
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    Our commissions start at $0.60/side and we introduce to Wedbush Futures with $154,038,212 of Adjusted Net Capital vs Ironbeam with $2,328,009 as of July 31, 2016.
    I would be cautious - they don't have much excess cash - look at the CFTC site.
    Low commissions are not on the top of my list what makes a good broker. I compare every cost they have, every service they offer, and reputation, etc.
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    If size if of importance, we can also trade via ADM (Adjusted net cap of 318,999,702 according to the July report) We also clear WebBush if necessary.

    However, we have an objective approach as far as FCM: Account size, Price, technical assistance, free platforms, technical expertise, margins, routing cost. etc. are just some of the variables that we use.
    Once options are presented to you, then you can make an informed decision.
    BTW, we find that AMP offers a large variety of free platforms and lower routing to Optimus customers, along with flexible commissions structure to those who trade in size, down to 15 cents per side.

    Again, we respect individual choices and advice accordingly. I encourage you to contact us:
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