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  1. Demo Forex account is essentially a virtual trading platform where you can buy and sell various currencies without risking real money. In providing this service, Forex brokers replicate live online Forex trading within a test environment where no trade actually gets sent to the market. There is a slight caveat to this. In a true ECN market environment, trades will not necessarily be executed at the requested price you see in the electronic trading platform. This is because there is always a time lag between the time you trigger your trade, and the moment it actually reaches the bank on the other side of your Forex trade. In live trading, this is referred to as slippage, which may be favorable to you or go against you. This is fully expected, and under normal market conditions, won't be noticeable. Over the long-term, and when trading with a true ECN broker, slippage is likely to be in your favor and may help you accumulate substantial savings.
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    Anyone knows a broker that offer no-expired demo account?
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    I many times had good performance with substantial profit as the screenshot below:
    But when I switched to live, the result was not expected. Demo performance doesn't reflect your trading ability. Keep it in mind.
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    Well I've been using Hotforex demo for 2 years, I was off for 3 months during this period and it was still alive after it. So I guess their demo is unlimited in time.
  5. Demo account is invaluable to newbies, you have this freedom and you trade with no form of duress using demo. Just like many have said, I strongly advice that all should go through the process of demo trading. There is nothing to loose, but all to gain!
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  6. one mis conception traders always think that demo and live are exactly the same, well its not, demo has its functions even i use demo for testing certain strategy to get a clearer view etc.
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    There are some kind of limited-demo account:
    1. Your account get removed after you leave it inactive for a period of time (a week or month)
    2. Your account history was flushed but you are still able to trade it
    3. Your account is inactive althought you trade it everyday...

    My broker could remove your demo trading history but I am not sure if I trade it quite often or not.
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    My Broker offer demo accounts they are worthy .I select less capital to trade in demo so that I will not remain in illusion . High capital will make high profits I will dream for same in real trading ,I use lower capital ,try to manage and review my performance weekly, How much money I used and how much I gain.
  9. Almost all of them have no expired demo
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    Demo account is a good option not only for new traders but also for experienced trader who could test their skills and strategies.
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