Denmark Charges Hedge Fund Pioneer With Stealing $2BN In "Cum-Ex" Tax Fraud

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Banjo, Jan 9, 2021.

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    It was known for years but politician just looked the other way and were happy with all the lobby money...

    Only in germany...
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  3. Of course, nothing to be seen elsewhere. Lol. Hard to see all the shlok going on in the US and elsewhere with the right eye patches on.

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    ...Cum-Ex...? What? Why is it called like that?!
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    @mlawson71 wrote:

    Cum-Ex is two Latin words that mean with and without.

    It refers to nature of the scam, in which the borrowing of stock makes it appear that two different parties are simultaneously holding the shares. And they are, but only one party is entitled to the dividend, and that is what creates the opportunity for tax fraud.

    I don't know the exact origin of the term, but it may refer to the fact that while two parties are technically holding the shares, one holds them with the right to collect the dividend, while the other holds them without the right to collect the dividend...

    The name does not refer to a sexual climax [LMAO]

  6. Cum-Ex is an exchange in Brazil where they trade futures on bull semen
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    ...I genuinely cannot tell whether you're pulling my leg here or that's a real thing.o_O