Digital Currencies, Digital Vaccines Are Not An American Answer

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    AMERICAN COUNTDOWN • Wed - 4/22/20 •
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    If I Was A Wizard of Finance...

    How 'Bout Dem Wizards
    What Up In There...What You Boiz Up To?
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    The fed can also train your dog and plant an herb garden. overnight.

    Bank shot: Former Dallas staffer Danielle DiMartino Booth tells tale of Fed power gone awry
    Danielle DiMartino Booth calls for systemic changes in the nation's central bank with her new book Fed Up: An Insider's Take on Why the Federal Reserve is Bad for America.
    "[McMahon] comes closer than any previous writer to covering the Chinese economy as Michael Lewis, the hugely popular author of “The Big Short”, might do." The Economist

    "Two $Trillion added to balance sheet in the last two months, but the Real Fireworks are off Balance Sheet." Danielle Booth

    One trillion seconds takes 32,000 years. The first emergence of H. sapiens with the emergence of full behavioral modernity, e.g. lending, prostitution, politics, was roughly by 50,000 years ago, corresponding to the start of the Upper Politico-lithic era.

    "China’s Great Wall of Debt" unravels an incredibly complex and opaque economy, one whose fortunes—for better or worse—will shape the globe like never before.
    Debt, entrenched vested interests, a frenzy of speculation, and an aging population are all pushing China toward an economic reckoning.

    "Accessible, Malcolm Gladwell-style storytelling... Thanks to the amount of time [McMahon] has spent in the country, he is able to give an authoritative peek behind the curtain opaque financial system." The Scotsman
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