Do you prefer trading only Forex or indices and other instruments too ?

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  1. I have always been into forex from the start and recently narrowed down to only trading EURUSD
    basically intra-day with swing depending on the setup.

    Most of the members in our community enjoy trading indices and crypto

    Just curious to know what are the pros and cons of other instruments and how they differ from forex in price action, trend wise and over all ?
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  2. Costs are more important than 'price action'. And retail forex tends to be obscenely expensive to trade.

  3. cant elaborate what you mean by cost ?
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  4. Bid/ask spread (slippage), commission, and interest rate margins on positions held overnight.

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  5. makes senses
    so Indices and Cryptos are relatively cheaper to trade with regards to

  6. I have been into forex trading for a good amount of time and only a few months back I started crypto trading as well. As I am a part time trader I like to trade these two instruments the most because of the flexibility of time they offer.
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  7. What do you mean by 'flexibility of time'?

  8. What do you mean by trading 'indices'? So if you're trading S&P 500 for example, are you doing this with SPY, with an e-mini future, or with a CFD? Each of these has completely different trading costs.

    I don't trade 'spot' crypto (only futures), but I'd imagine they're extremely expensive to trade once you've accounted for the fact that someone is inevitably going to hack into your account and steal your money at some point.

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  9. Overnight


    Man, talk about a Debbie-downer party-pooper!
  10. the broker that i trade with gives me SPX_CASH
    i personally haven't traded it, only trade EURUSD

    the point where you mention about account getting hacked and robbed, are you speaking of the crypto wallet ?
    if you are speaking of forex, its as safe as stock market or any other market, not so easy to hack and take out money that's already linked to your bank.
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