Do You Use Meditation\Mindfulness in Your Trading Routine? If so, how?

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  1. Do You Use Meditation\Mindfulness in Your Trading Routine? If so, how? I'm not necessarily talking about religious or spiritual meditation but rather simply keeping yourself in the current moment of trading.

    I started using it in my trading prep to prevent myself from carrying my past emotions (good and bad) from previous trades to keep myself clear headed for the current trade I'm in. It seems to help. Fear from a previous loss and over-exuberance from previous profit don't seem to creep into my mindset for the current trade I'm in.
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  2. Nope- went very badly for me-calmly accepted losses -now I trade differently.
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  3. speedo


    Good for trading...good for everything in life. The only reality is the present.
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  4. TommyR


    speedo the only reality is the present is quite reductive. maybe less mindfulness and detachment might help to make the future presents more meaningful. i dunno.
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  5. %%
    Yes, but keep your mind in gear; minds or any part of your body get flabby/worse with out use. I meditate on charts, Proverbs, but again with mind in gear. You may mean that, since you use ''mindfulness' but I am NOTa mind reader. LOL:D:D, :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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  6. Peter8519


    Focus on the moment of now. Mindful of past chart patterns when making trade decisions. Cleansing the subconscious by taming the monkey in the mind. It may not work for everyone but I find subliminal messages in music helps.
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  7. Well said Murray. And yes. I keep my mind in gear when trading. Mindfulness helps me keep it in perspective.:thumbsup:
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  8. volpri

    volpri that my friend is hilarious! That is a different take on the matter!

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  9. maxinger


    To me, I don't find meditation that useful.
    I find mindfulness in particular conscious thinking is very important.
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