does anyone still trades these $3000 systems

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by lizmerrill, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Does anyone out there still trading Triangulation and Propulsion,
    which each cost $3000? Not software, written manuals, with rules, and math. Anyone still using them?

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  3. these 2 systems, triangulation, and propulsion were sold
    by larry williams, and developed by tom demark.
    they are a synthesis of simple pattern recognition and the mathematics of swing thrust. this is what i have learned so far.
    they are out of circulation, purportdely, but... that's why i am putting a feeling to the forum.

    anyone trading them, or at least using em in their arsenal?

  4. correction re my fast typing,
    hopefully this thread will put out some feelers, and i can locate the systems.

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    Save your $3K and write something of your own - most commercially-available systems are pretty sucky and very few if any stand up to rigorous testing. If you really must buy a system make sure that it is fully disclosed, never buy a black box.
  6. Very much the opposite. People say this over and over again. But, if someone gives you the code, it probably isn't worth buying. If it works, people try to protect the logic