Does anyone use a reliable FX broker?

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  1. Hey guys, what brokers are you using at the moment? I am not happy with my broker in Australia. I am thinking of changing to either a UK or US one. Does anyone know a reliable broker there in terms of withdrawing money, no slippage, and a good speed in initiating and closing positions?

    I'll certainly look at recommended brokers' review and consider good ones.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. londonkid


    interactive brokers, lmax
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  3. sakisf


    imo it's better to have a broker in your country. Pepperstone, Axi, IC (not so much lately due to some internet issues) are all fine. Why bother sending wires to the other side of the world? US is also only 50:1 leverage, UK brokers care more about tax-free spreadbetting and they have high spreads on anything but EU/UJ/GU.
  4. Thanks LondonKid, I remember seeing you when I was studying Past ET contributors' threads (e.g. Jack Heysey, DBpheniox and Nihabashi etc). Since then I found out Jack Heysey was passed away in 2014, very sad ...I have seen DBpheniox a few month ago on ET but he is not active now ...Nihabashi is still around, making good contributions. It's always good to see some old names still showing on ET :)
  5. Who are you with?

    I use Pepperstone and I'm very happy with them. The others in Australia haven't impressed me much.
  6. Thanks Jack ! But I've decided to change and don't want use Australian ones.
    I get the same complaints about Australian ones from other traders that I know and they all want to change or have changed.
    Even Wiki has recently reported some corruption and misbehaving incidents by Australian ones.
  7. Oh? I'm curious.
  8. Chubbly


    Dukascopy is based in Switzerland. I haved used them for years. Very professional. They are a Swiss bank so they are held to banking standards and your money is insured with them up to 100,000 CHF
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  9. Fundlord


    I use IC and notice no issues apart from slight lag during extreme vol news announcements but i don't trade them so it doesn't bother me.
  10. traderob


    FXCM are great
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