Does anyone use a reliable FX broker?

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  1. Turnkeyforex is good, based out of uk. Low comm & tight spreads.
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  2. PipMan77


    Try coinexx. They have been all over the place lately. Post esma, I think makes sense to move to crypto fx brokers. the broker offers good spreads and low comm.. hope it help
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  3. While the forex market is slowly becoming more regulated, there are many unscrupulous brokers who should not be in business. When you're looking to tradeforex, it's important to identify brokers that are reliable and viable, and to avoid the ones that are not
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  4. Winjak


    pay attention to forex brokers that already had at least 3-5 years of experience. analyse the market and the news about broker you are interested.
    If you need an advice, I can offer you the Justforex broker whose user I am. Reliable and stable services, cryptocurrency trading, huge leverage level :fistbump:
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  5. Are you kidding us? Front page of your AWESOME broker advertises a "trading contest" and 3000:1 leverage. You heard right guys, not 300:1, 3000:1. Great place to park a few thousands and bankrupt this mofo by placing a few chips on another pre-depegging candidate. This industry is so riddled with shady characters, it's almost comical.

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    This poor thread by the OP...

    Based on the time spread of the replies, here is what the thread is thinking...

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    Obviously he is a paid poster which are many out of here especially in fx section. I simply skip posts of those guys they don't worth even a second of our attention.
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  8. ys coinexx is fairly good.
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  9. canoe


    coinexx uses a virtual dealer plugin so you'll suffer from deliberately poor execution. i'm talking execution that is so poor that sometimes during critical moments, coinexx will deliberately delay execution by 4-5 seconds. stops will be executed at prices so far off you could be trading perfectly but one slipped stop could cut into way too much of your PnL

    not saying you should avoid them; just know that you'll be doing business with a scam broker that employs shady tactics to make it as hard for you to make money as possible.

    you have to adjust your trading style to make it more resistance to the tactics that brokers like these use.

    when trading exchange-traded futures, to a certain extent, i can control data feed and order execution latency so trading short-term with high leverage is entirely possible

    with coinexx, you'll soon realize the broker makes this impossible to do so it's better to go with long-term trading with very low leverage.
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  10. @canoe ! thats strange cos i have been trading with them past 8-9 months and i'll say they've been quiet fair if not the best around.

    And they never offered exchange-traded futures. are you talking about them here?
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