Does NY Vote Mostly Dem for Presidents??

Discussion in 'Politics' started by murray t turtle, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. NY votes mostly for Democrats for US Presidents;
    but not as much as Massachusetts does.[Source public records-World Almanac]

    Since 1940, NY[ all of NY state] has mostly voted Dem/US Presidents;
    Roosevelt, Roosevelt, Truman ,Carter................

    But not all of the time, not near as much as state of Mass does.

    Notable & quotable exceptions include;
    President Eisenhower, President Eisenhower[anti commie crusader]President Reagan, President Reagan[anti commie crusader, capitalist, proclaimer of 1983 year of Bible...]

    Most interesting, many assumed a Dem victory in Mass;
    but even a clear trend like Dem victories in Mass are not predictions.

    For example David Gergon [US NEWS...] asked during the Republican Senator's recent campaign, something like what makes you think you can get Ted Kennedy's [DEM]seat.

    The now victorious Republican Scott Brown said something like ''Thats not Kennedys seat;
    its the peoples seat ''.

    :D Most amazing of all to me is there are 2 or 3 socialist name parties in US-they get the fewest votes . No wonder why so few would publicaly admit to being socialists:D [source=World Almanac, since 1940]