Does Trump have to go through the presidential nomination process for 2024?

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    • Does Trump have to go through the Republican presidential nomination process for 2024?
    • I assume NO.
  1. Overnight


    Of course he does. He's a brand new candidate after his re-election loss, and so goes through the whole shebang just like everyone else. Being president once before does not grant you some sort of procedural advantage over another candidate. Only difference with him is he already has SS agents protecting him.

    The real problem here is that no republican will have the guts to run against him in 2024. They are all gutless cowards who bow down to his stupid hair and fat belly.
  2. RedDuke


    DeSantis might, but his wife is having health issues. Hope she will overcomes it, and he kicks Trumps out (yes I know wishful thinking).
  3. He does if he wants to run as a Republican.
  4. wildchild


    Yes and so does Joe Biden.
  5. wildchild


    Given your track record, it means that Trump has no chance of winning the nomination.
  6. Overnight


    You still have not learned, young padawan.

    It means precisely the opposite. If Trump runs for 2024, he is your new president.

  7. That's right.... Trump still has a lot of padawans that will vote for him , no matter what.

  8. I always though the current president doesn't have to go through the nomination process.
  9. Overnight


    He doesn't. He's the incumbent. You do not nominate someone who is not running for president. Because he is already the president.
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