Does we got a stance on this dance? Consensus.

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is all is fair in fair markets?

  1. No. we have a monopoly. you plebes shouldnt even be allowed to not lose your money

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  2. yes, im rich AF and want fair markets.

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  3. no, im kommunist we should all pray towards the west and you pay now. because you bad. you pay now

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  1. Stockboy


    So, we spend hours/most of our lives slaving away to try and play this game and make just enough, and some other, wow. just Wow. they made the headlines. if not history?

    So, whats our stance on this? Not saying we all have to agree. Its great we have some real high roller uppercrust members, I appreciate them and their contributions. and piss poor fresh off the boat members with a desire to succeed as well.

    I have some friends in high places and am thankful for their friendship more so than their ability to back me up when I need it. I literally called (texted) my homie and told him to watch his shorts. with all this sillyness going on,. Id much rather enjoy his company and maybe beat him in a game of chess rather than make an enemy of a peer, or build hatred towards a friend. besides hes my friend so id probably take his side over yours regardless.

    So whats our stance here? seems some dudes are sayings all is fair in trading but some are running for help and crying. Do we want a fair market? Seems like a lot of attention is coming to our line of work.

    Why should we even be divided amongst each other? remember the Kmunist overthrew the Shah by telling the Grunts that their Officers were oppressive, were this, were that. blah, blah, blah. and now you have...

    My mentor comes from a similar background as me socioeconomically. He said **** whats his face and basically is rooting for the little guy. Ive also witnessed him put on 2 million+ dollar daytrades.

    my point here is why are we fighting against each other? they may support either side but are just frothing at the mouth to put us all out of business.

    Please discuss. and remember divide and conquer is for people that dont got the bawls to bet it all on red.

    bet it all on red. maggot.
  2. zghorner


    I think its fucked that the retail guys capitalizing on this squeeze are being painted as diabolical villains. First off, how many retails have blown up shorting this on the way up? Where is the sympathy for them? Where is the bailout funds for them? Second, if this was the other way around and the suits were squeezing the WSB crowd it would just be the most wonderful thing in the world according to CNBC.

    Bottom line, Short Hedge funds have traded poorly on this deal and are losing because of it which is exactly what should be happening. "Losers average losers" as PTJ would say. These guys keep injecting capital into obviously horrible positions...This is LITERALLY nothing else besides being on the wrong side of the market and refusing to admit it until its too late.

    As far as making a statement as to the true value of these companies...AMC has enough funding to stay afloat until the economy reopens (now that democrats find that to be an acceptable idea and people are magically dying of heart disease and influenza again) theatres will be fucking packed because no matter how convenient ordering a movie and watching on your couch may be...there is just something special about finger banging your wife in the back row of a movie theater.

    GME's management is THE SHIT. they could do an offering and easily wipe out their $800m in debt and have plenty to restructure the entire fucking business model. I DO think after the squeeze the price will drop significantly but nowhere near pre squeeze ~$20 levels. I think AMC will continue to climb.

    Just an opinion because that's what these forums are all about.
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  3. Cuddles



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  4. So a large group of investors? bid up a stock and in doing so have strengthened
    a companies financial footing and has give gamestop new resources to capital to shore
    up its business.

    So the problem is? Thats the entire point of the market.

    This isn't your classic pump and dump.

    There is no problem other than poor risk management by the "pros"
    Brokerage firms will increase margin requirement which is fine but
    there is nothing to see here..

    This isn't that different than tesla, like thats worth 900 bill? not.
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  5. Overnight


    The irony of this all is...

    In February 2018 we had a little sudden drop (black swan) in the main indices. Cause? The hell knows, something to do with the Fed and Powell being sworn in.

    In February 2020 we had a sudden little drop (black swan) in the main indices. Cause? Panic on how the virus would destroy the world forever.

    Here we are, at the cusp of February 2021, and we have already had a tiny bit of a drop that may yet come to pass. The black swan? Some Internet BBS folks gathering and forging a plan of attack.

    Nothing wrong with this one in my view, on the surface.

    What sux about this one looking deeper, however, is how it is bleeding into the broader market. This crazy activity is not isolated with a few stocks here and there. It is dragging the whole market down, because from what I can gather, all those institutional buggers have to sell their massive long positions, to be able to cover the short positions they have to hedge the huge losses their puts are realizing.

    And everyone has muscle memory on October being the BAAAAD month for equities. Not anymore!
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  6. zghorner


    I see your point but who is at fault for that honestly? Big Shorts should have liquidated their position long ago and are holding out for that drop that is "just around the corner".

    listen up let me tell you a little story...I lost $70k in a month last spring holding bearish positions on companies that had no reason to bounce back so rapidly...that is peanuts to many of you I know but to me that is real money. I was on the wrong side of the market placing more value into "being right" than making money and had my ass handed to me EXACTLY AS I SHOULD HAVE. Unimaginable suffering as a result lol.

    This situation is no different just a much larger scale...horrible trading discipline by these sucks that the rest of the market is being drawn down as these guys liquidate their longs to cover but IT IS LUDICROUS that the media is trying to spin this to be the fault of WSB when in reality it is 100% the fault of the suits on wallstreet for not covering there OBVIOUSLY TERRIBLE short position a long time ago.
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  7. Overnight


    I am not disagreeing on that. Not at all. There is no fault on this one. The market is what it is.

    In fact, I think it is the ultimate hubris for these blow-hard managers to call themselves hedge-funds, when they were obviously not hedged properly.

    Like that James Cordier guy on the NG options 2 1/2 years ago. The fuck was with that guy? I thought a hedge fund was the ultimate in protecting against losses? If not, then what is the point of them?

    I can do the same damned thing on a futures contract with true zero risk (and zero profit until one leg is closed), with an intra-calendar spread. Whoopdee do! I'm my own hedge fund! Fantastic!
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  8. smallfil


    This is a temporary aberration. So much ado over nothing. Take note, the big boys (mutual funds, brokers, banks and hedge funds) are the stockmarket. They decide whether a stock goes up or down. None of the rank amateur traders can move most stocks. Exception is the penny stocks which amateur traders trade amongst themselves taking each others monies. This huge pullback today is a normal reaction and long term trend is still up. The same stocks that ran up will all come crashing down, that is not rocket science. Just plain supply and demand. Also, not all hedge funds were caught short as they are saying. There might be a couple at the most. Majority of hedge funds more likely, are long the stockmarket with the trend being up. Probably, some have long positions on Gamestop as well? When the stockmarket rallies back up, it will separate the heroes from the zeroes. If you are stupid enough to short a strongly, uptrending stockmarket, you deserve to have your head handed back to you.
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  9. zghorner


    that apology video is so fucked...dude has his flashy ass Rolex out front and center while crying about how sorry he is for losing all of his clients' money lmfao im dying thinking about that.
  10. zghorner


    we are against losing money, and for making money.
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