Donate to the Japan Relief Fund

Discussion in 'Economics' started by the1, Mar 19, 2011.

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    bump. C'mon Elite Traders. Reach into your pocket and donate to this cause. Giving makes a person feel good.
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    they just printed half of trillion dollars last week, they will print more if needed

    and they have 1 trillion in reserves

    save your money for yourself
  4. in addition to what kashirin states, the Red Cross and others usually have a small
    print that the money may not go to - Japan but used elsewhere
  5. any other good orgs to donate to?

    dont want redcross, heard stuff on them...
    how donate a dollar and only a penny reaches
    the other side..too much overhead?
  6. There are lots of charities that promise to donate 100% of funds to the cause. I feel like if you're going to donate, don't be lazy about it, do a little research so your donation has the ultimate impact.
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    Op, what you did was a good thing imo! :)

    No matter how the money is used, or what others here say, you did good!
  8. if only people would donate their money to people in need more often...

    wait, then there would be no stock market!
  9. Don't let the miserable losers on here dissuade you. It's obvious they have failed in various aspects of their lives and are miserable.....

    The Red Cross is a fine organization that does endless amounts of good.
    Your generosity will help many that are hurting.
    I am sure it will come back to you ten fold.

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