don't bother watching them tonight

Discussion in 'Trading' started by silk, Apr 8, 2013.

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    The japanese will be trading in their yen and buying the s&p futures all night long. Maybe after the up open that is coming in the morning, we can get a couple red bars. Good luck.
  2. Good to know! IIRC, Silk is one of the few here who knows his shiite.
  3. don't know, kinda liking this 61//62 short on the spike.
  4. lol NKD June is down 200
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    inverted hns
  6. Good to see Silk posting. He has cred here.
  7. what are my chances of a Michigan win AND asia session all talk and no action. 54 is the target but not tryin to be a hero here.
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    larger hns counter
  9. Osaka decided to close at -0.24 (0.00%) lulz. typical all talk no action
    ES pivot is 55//54, big pivot move from yesterday 43//44.
    Looking to test pp is all.
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    larger hns forming
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