Don't Get Mad - Get Better

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    Unprovoked and prolonged anger is irrational,
    and a symptom of a trader who has yet learned to
    take losses as part of the process.

    Everyone will at some time in their trading journey
    experience anger and bitterness. This is normal
    since the mind and body under frustration seeks
    and outlet.

    HOW, a person deals with it separates the mature
    from the immature who continually poop their
    unsatisfactory results by lashing out at others.

    We follow RULES for risk management, entry and exit
    and a host of trading disciplines. But how many make
    rules for dealing with anger and frustration?

    Outside of trading, it's essential to enjoy something, anything
    that will help to relieve pent up anger and pressure on the inside.
    Especially for those that don't have a partner/spouse.

    Thankfully I'm married and also enjoy poker on the weekends
    with Army buddies. (So I can lose some of my winnings cause my poker game sucks o_O)

    Do you use any specific RULES for after the trade?
    Or, how do you reset, to be mentally sharp and ready
    for the next session?
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  3. Hello mikeriley,

    My response is simple.............. Having great sex with women.
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  4. I never have any anger or upset issues with trading.

    If a trader have anger or upset issues with trading, it is becomes they losing money and guessing and gambling and trying to prove something to somebody.

    Noone knows I trade in my family or friends. So I have nothing to prove to anyone in trading but myself.

    Also, I do not get upset, cause I am not losing money. Losing time, yes, but not losing money.
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  5. A professional trader, or anyone, shouldn't have the need to do outside things to get off, or relax.
    It should already by a steady, neutral, objective part of their lifestyle routine and mentality.

    And it helps to eliminate wild variables and elements in your life that can skew your volatility range....Such as alcohol use, drug use, smoking, sex/cheap sex, porn, gambling, wild music, fast food, video games, social media, binge eating, binge watching, anger, various intolerances, the seven deadly sins,
    I guess in like a Nun, and you will be a professional trader....not a Ho trader, who gets raped by the Market....a lot of people here gets raped by the market, if they are truly honest about it, and report it accordingly,

    Other then that....Make a Million Dollar Move, :D
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  6. While it is obvious that the negativity can cause a lot of damage, consider it an emotional pendulum swing. The other side is bragging or being full of happiness when a positive trade occurs. Are you kinder and nicer when things go your way? Same issue, imo.

    Either way, imo, it is a sign immaturity in trading and life in general.

    Solution? IMO it is to be dispassionately interested* in the trades. You care about them but never enough to freak out either way.

    *Gleaned from the book Pit Bulls.
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  7. Hello MacBookProHo,

    I agree with what you wrote.
  8. When I was once a young guy, or slightly younger guy,.....
    Love Songs were a big part of my could have called me a hopeless romantic, Computer games were a big part of my life, working out was a big part of my life, boners and cumming were a big part of my life, fantasizing about Porsche and exotic sports cars were a big part of my life, ego and titles and my life direction was a big part of my life, confusion and insecurity were a big part of my life, even pets were a big part of my life...i wanted the most showroom model Scarlet Macaw parrot and the best model showroom German Shepherd I could find, I stared at $1,000 shoes online, porn controlled hours on my day, i would stare at social media all day,
    ....You NAME it,,,,the Devil hooked me, baited me, and I devoured it. I was a fidgety dumb fuck.

    It wasn't until I got around middle-aged, and so much more intelligent and mature and truly self-reflected, and for the most part....gave up all those things, obsessions, that I truly developed into a ....magnificent trader....who saw the light,
    And I've put in a ton of time into the market as well, so you can say I've paid my dues to the Gods,

    If you want to succeed going forward in any life endeavor, you truly have to wipe the slate canvas clean, and be clear and clean of the previous life's nonsense and bs and distractions and connections and energies,
    Similar to Monks who truly cleanse themselves of the earth's, humanities', empty nothingness,
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    All that means is you lost a lot of testosterone production, and finally realized you are mortal and are going to DIE soon. So you started taking life seriously.

    You got old. There's no "light".
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    If you think SMLike is gonna give up chasin tail, I got shares in the Brooklyn Bridge for you.
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