Don't Get Mad - Get Better

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  1. Well, we all die and lose testosterone production, that's pure fact for every male.

    But I truly broke out of my average trading, gambling, rut....when I left all those youthful, energetic, gusto and hype things behind me.
    You can kind of say success steps come in stages in life, within the greater picture book. You can't rush God's plan, but you can have faith in it and the process,
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    Ug, don't go all @studentofthemarkets on us. Please.
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  3. I agree,
    You can't Help/change everyone out there. Some people are hardwired for a certain personality type,
    The best traders....are Born, not made.
    The best teachers....are Born, not made.
    The best artists.....are Born, not made.
    The best actors....are Born, not made.

    You can't fight or alter nature,
    No matter how hard you train a person or child to be a champion pianist....if they don't have that gene in will become a fruitless effort,
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    Persistence trumps talent if you have decent skills. It's all about continuing to learn and applying experience. And the older I get (and I'm up there), the more I realize that the more balance I have in life (in all aspects) the more healthy I am mentally.
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  5. lol you funny man.

    yep, I want that booty man
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    Fack Quentin Taranfago
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    I love me some Bruce Lee.
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    Yup all those porn and parties are just getting too much. @MacBookProHo, if you get testosterone supplementation, I guarantee you you will be going back to exactly how you were when you were young or younger. That's why a lot of men are getting testosterone hormone therapy just like women get hormone therapy during menopause.
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  9. I'm completely fine and normal and acceptable with the concept of aging,

    I personally find all these new solutions and remedies rather sad and laughable and pathetic,
    If you are an aging middle-aged male or female.....Newsflash! are not supposed to look like and function like a person who is 20 years old or 19 years old,
    Only the insecure and small-minded engage in those types of things,

    Would you want your old dog, or old pet, look and behave like they are in their youthful, spunky, prime....? That's odd and creepy and unnatural. Imagine looking into your pet's eyes and essentially seeing no soul....but this modified lab concept thing,
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    People mostly get angry, anxious and bitter when they lose in trading because they are playing with money that they can't afford to lose. So when they lose, they panic because they know it's going to impact their lives and relationship, most of the time both in a significant or very significant way. Most of the anger and bitterness from losing in trading is from panic and anxiety. They just lost most of the savings or money ear-marked for something or their spouse's hard-earned money, what are they going to do?? And then the whole sleuth of emotion comes out, they question their lives, themselves and even God...

    That's why you are not supposed to play with money that you can't afford to lose, no mortgage money, kids' college funds (NEVER EVER NEVER EVER touch money ear-marked for kids, either their current or future expenses or the elderly parents' retirement funds. Those are the three sources of money that I would never use as trading capital. You want to play with the market? You play with money that you were going to spend on booze, parties and hookers. Play with money that you are going to gamble away in Las Vegas. Think of this way, if tomorrow you want to take a vacation to Las Vegas and play in those casinos, how much would you spend? Put that exact amount into trading as your trading capital. You shouldn't trade like gambling but you should trade with an amount that you would reserve for gambling or pure entertainment. Those are the money that you were going to waste away anyway, why not trade with it and you might get something out of it.

    That way, you would have an easier time with losing. You would still get disappointed and frustrated when losing, but not to the point of being angry and bitter even to the point of questioning life and God.
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