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    When you were young or younger and "spunky" as you put it, it doesn't mean you didn't have a soul. Unless you have seriously hurt someone that you shouldn't have, you shouldn't feel guilty about what you did or did not do when you were young. Being young is not a crime.

    Getting "younger" with a bit of help from hormone therapy doesn't mean all of sudden you are not going to have a soul. LOL It's just a way of making you feel better, no different from taking vitamin and mineral supplements. Are you going to see no soul looking into the eyes of someone taking vitamin supplements? LOL It's a personal choice whether to take hormone therapy or not but there is nothing wrong with getting a bit of boost from taking hormones. When your body stops producing hormones, we get a bit of help from bioidentical hormones. Plenty of people still live a meaningful life after taking hormone therapy

    To me, I think the only way to find out if you have really seen "the light" is to take all the hormone supplements to get your youth back and to see if you have really changed or it's just the hormone talking like how @Overnight puts it.
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  2. I used to hate losing. I came to trading from matched betting where I could cover both sides and net a profit regardless so the concept of losing at all was hard to swallow, let alone accepting that is part of the process. I had to learn to take risk again which was difficult.
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    You could cover both sides to net a profit with matched betting? What's matched betting? That sounds interesting.
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    You were a market maker. It's actually legitimate if you can handle the stress and fast pace.
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  5. Good Morning TheDawn,

    This makes ALOT of sense.

    Only Risk money you are planning to go to Casino and gamble with. Because it is true, if a trader is discretionary/manually trading without proven Edge, then you are basically gambling or just taking good educated guesses.

    For me, I have never risk money trading manually with real money, cause I never could prove I can making money in SIM. Well, one time I lost about $3000 trading real money when i thought I can do it, and losing that $3000 is still painful. People laugh at me trading SIM, but guess what I am not losing money and I have good sleep.

    I will never leave SIM until I can prove I can trade for 1 year with consistent profits.

    The Micros are a blessing. I always start SIM account with $300, cause I know $300 I can blow that eating out monthly.

    I know many loss above $50,000 or $100,000 of their real money and they regret it. That will NOT be me.

    All the traders that have loss above $50,000 and still losing for years are hard to communicate with and have poor attitudes and desperate for recovery. Not me.
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    SML - you can make a lot more money playing poker than you can from the market. The market is semi-predictable - poker is knowing humans.
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  7. Hello Secatu,

    I will stick to gambling in manually discretionary trading buddy. My trading cost is $0.00 and does not require to me sit and look at human.

    Trading manually is much funnier and one day I scale up. Its all gambling and guessing and taking an educated risk calculated bet.
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  8. It's all completely fake and modified, though. The concept of 'selling your soul' or losing your giving in to worldly changes and pleasures and advantageous, even though you know it's not natural and wrong.

    Look at women who get breast implants....I think we can all generally agree....they are fake, and for the weird, dumb and insecure female. A piece of her soul, authenticness, originality has been gone from her eyes.
    Men who take steroids for the muscles....them too, are not as pure human beings no more, a bit of their soul has left their entity.
    This same concept can also apply to trading, or trading so-called gurus/teachers/course salesman. and social media personalities.....all of these people have sold their engage and pursue in what they are doing.
    Legally changing your name for Hollywood, or any other reason, to also sell your soul.

    A 40 year old, middle-aged, person is not supposed to look like and function like someone who is 20.
    A 60 year old is not supposed to look like and function like someone who is 40.
    An 80 year old is not supposed to look like and function like someone who is 60.
    Selling your soul, again,

    Your argument is similar to saying it's ok to drink and get intoxicated...if it makes you feel happy, relaxed and confident. No, it's not.
    I personally have no desire to look and function like a 20 year old or 19 year old by any kind of magical means,
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    Well you are not supposed to cook food before eating. You are supposed to eat them raw. When you are sick, you are not supposed to get medical attention (aside from eating some herbs and rubbing some natural antidote), you are supposed to die. This is how all things are in nature. We are only supposed to only have a lifespan of just 30 years. That's how long the cavemen have lived. So the fact that we cook our food and get a doctor to cure our ailments and live way beyond 30 years old, is that "selling our soul"? Cuz these are all against nature.
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  10. Your examples and attacks are just getting silly and sarcastic now,

    I'm talking about more extreme things, and choices, while you are comparing much more tamer, normal, everyday things in the same light.
    Accusing me of not being natural....because I take a multi-vitamin daily,

    Where does this modification and changes stop, and is considered not normal? What if in 20 years, or 30 years, humans now have the ability to live to 150 years old with modified organs, DNA and blood.
    Would you personally consider that not natural, wrong and creepy, and unethical and immoral for all human beings? and be against it all, period?

    Hormone therapy to feel and look 15+ years younger is basically the exact same thing. It's messing with nature and not right,
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