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    Hormone therapy to feel and look 15+ years younger is basically the exact same thing. It's messing with nature and not right,[/QUOTE]

    These modifications and changes are already happening. We have stem cell therapy and bone marrow transplant, gene immunotherapy and even organ transplants from genetically modified animal organs. So you would consider them not normal, unethical and immoral when we use them to save lives, lives of people who are otherwise going to die? We should just let people die because naturally people are supposed to die at a certain age? That's just coming back to what I was saying in my previous post. People used to just live into their 30's. So do you consider all of the medical procedures and treatments that we have today that prolong our life to be not natural, wrong and creepy, and unethical and immoral for all human beings? Otherwise what's the difference between our medical procedures and treatments and stem cell therapy and bone marrow transplant, gene immunotherapy and even organ transplants from genetically modified animal organs?

    And if you do approve stem cell therapy and bone marrow transplant, gene immunotherapy and even organ transplants from genetically modified animal organs as "normal", but you wouldn't approve some pills that just supplement your hormonal level? What do you have against hormones? LOL You know there are phytohormones contained in the food that we eat? There are many vegetables such as broccoli and tofu that contain phytoestrogens that bind to estrogen receptors in the human body very much the same as real hormones do. So are eating these food considered hormonal therapy? If a woman eats these vegetables, is she selling her soul then because she's supplementing herself with estrogens albeit phytohormones? There are plants that contain phytotestosterones that supplement male testosterones too btw that you can take to supplement male hormones.

    I am not being sarcastic but just want to point out that just as we shouldn't be obsessed with staying young and not aging, we shouldn't be afraid of embracing life and staying young either. There is nothing wrong with using technology to stay young and live longer and healthier and able to accomplish more things in our lives.

    Personally as much as you say that you have accepted aging and have "seen the light", deep down, I feel you miss your youth and all the invigorating energy that you had that allowed you to be at ten thousand places all at once and did all the things albeit crazy things that you did, the pure feeling of just feeling ALIVE. You want to feel like you are in your 20's again... And that's cool. You shouldn't feel that you are "selling your soul" just because you want to embrace youth. A soul is a soul and it has nothing to do with age.
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  2. Hello MacBookProHo,

    @MacBookProHo Stop all that damn bullshitting man, and get your damn ass back to trading and making/losing some money.

    Thank you,
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  3. That's good advice -- stay on track, on course,
    Follow the market, understand the market....and make those benjamins bejamins, because everything else out there is just noise and distraction, Follow the pure path and don't get swayed and lost in all of the Devil distractions along the way,
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  4. Hello MacBookProHo,

    You can get distraction and have fun on ET.

    Just know at the end of the day everybody bullshitting and all you and I are doing is taking taking an education guess and clicking buy and sell. Trying to scale up contract size. Get your ass on here and build a real track record and stop all that damn market talking. You and I know nothing.
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  5. All of those so-called leaderboard public trading websites....are all about gaming the system, skewing the system, bragging about your most profitable profile, etc etc.
    All of the contestant's trade weird, bs, microcap and penny stocks, disciples of Tim Sykes I'm sure or one of his former students.
    Nothing is truly scalable, so they teach it out for an expensive fee. Which is where the true money, and end game goal, is at.

    "You and I know nothing." no offsense, but speak for yourself,
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  6. Hello MacBookProHo,

    One question for you buddy, and please answer

    1. Is your trading record/performance better then anyone on this 3rd party audit leaderboard?

    Please respond with yes or no
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  7. Yes, my average gain in terms of both $ figures and % returns are better than the current #1 rated guy.
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  8. Hello MacBookProHo,

    Yes me too, I my trading performance is better than every trader on that leaderboard.

    Congrats to us man, we making big money
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    Make a Million Dollar Move,
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    Million dollar mooooves, is what we Do,
    Make a move, make a move, make a million dollar move,
    Make a move, make a move,,,,make a million dollar move,
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  10. Yeahhhhhh buddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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