Don't like capitalism and free market economics? You're really not as cool as you think you are

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    There is a law that forms one of the most basic concepts in economics. It’s called “the law of diminishing marginal utility”. What it means is that the more you have of something, the less you enjoy getting more of it. Among other things, it explains why even in booming markets, many sellers struggle: no matter how popular the product, there comes a saturation point. There are only so many Vatican-conspiracy-themed mystery thrillers that we can read, and only so many pints of craft beer we can quaff.

    And yet, there is one market which seems to consistently defy the law of diminishing marginal utility: the market for books moaning about the evils of neoliberalism and free markets. We are flooded with titles like How Politics Makes Us Sick: Neoliberal Epidemics, Undoing the Demos: Neoliberalism's Stealth Revolution, Postcapitalism, Austerity, Breadline Britain, Why We Can't Afford the Rich, and Captive State: The Corporate Takeover of Britain.

    Blaming neoliberalism for all of society’s ills might shift copies and provide a neat straw man for left-wingers, but the line of thinking these books are capitalising on is pure nonsense. Thoughts?
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  2. Do economists use that law to deduct neoliberal economic theories? That's just building on shaky grounds (aka philosophy) and not science.
  3. My view...

    America HAD always been the one beacon of light for individual and economic freedom. Every place else on the planet was governed by some monarch, dictator, or other Leftist "government-centric" or religious dictum. But America's Constitution had prevented that pox from being afflicted upon our country.

    The rest of the world HATED AMERICA for how we were so different and an example of "how things could be". And they openly expressed how they wished America would "go away" or "collapse" or "be defeated" so that we could not be held up as an example of "what could be" without the government fucking over everything. (America's genius Founders knew what they were doing. Yet, we somehow managed to piss it all away.) :(

    Over the last 100 years... thanks to political lust for power and greed.. + parasitic "ne'er-do-wells' desire for living at the expense of other citizens", America has succumbed to Liberalism.

    We had it GREAT for a while... now we're just as FUCKED as the rest of the world... thanks mostly to politicians.

    Most American citizens don't realize where we are in our "degradation".... not "100% there" just yet... Should take about 1 more generation before everyone "gets it".

    In the meantime... if you've got anything worth enjoying, you'd better do it now.... as soon there will be NO JOY for anybody except the controlling elites. (Just like the Soviet Union before its collapse.)

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  5. I stopped reading before the end of the 1st line, as soon as it became apparent that this is a thread about economic theory. The thread's title was a bit deceptive.

    I'm up for a conversation on the shared roots of Latin & Chinese languages, if anybody's interested.
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    Millionaires usually are conservatives. Billionaires usually are totalitarian liberals (not Trump, of course).
  7. Seems to be the case. Perhaps it's because they have so much and feel guilty about it for some reason. ??

    Too bad they don't recognize... "Liberalism is a CANCER... DESTROYS EVERYTHING IT TOUCHES".

    Unfortunately, Liberalism is the "path to power and control" over the hoi polloi in America.

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  8. Real the communist manifesto then read a treatise on human action then talk....
  9. Why would any American be interested in "communist manifesto"??
  10. I try to read opposing arguments... believe me its completely nonsensical the text... but when you read it you realize the logical conclusion of these ideologues
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