Download annual returns for stocks?

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  1. Just download daily returns and compare first day of year to last?
  2. Thanks for the post. It's an idea. What are you suggesting for the source? Individual downloads for hundreds of stocks is a lot of work, even automated. Then there is the problem of dividends. Yahoo Finance quotes have an Adjusted Close but using it only matches Morningstar returns for the most recent year. Prior year calculations don't match Morningstar returns. Looking for an easier way.
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    Yeah, Yahoo Finance is a mess. I made some spreadsheets for returns and simple timing systems using ETFs a few year ago...and the ETF values were different every time I downloaded new ones.
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    Look at Portfolio Visualizer. Go to "backtest portfolio" and put in your stocks. You can then look at annual returns (or monthly returns, etc.)

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  5. Thanks for the post. I use PV, it's a great site, but I need the data for hundreds of stocks. That would be too labor intensive. They probably have limits on how many tickers you can enter, too.
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    The attached mstr_total_return.csv with columns separated by semicolon and lines terminated with newline has the total return data downloaded from for current S&P 500 constituents.
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  8. Wow, thanks! That's great. How did you do that? Is there a way I can do it, keep it updated, and add additional tickers?
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