Dr. Kenneth Reid has prostate cancer

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  1. I subscribed to his series of videos in January. The mental exercises (if I may call them that) helped me improve my trading results significantly.

    Then a scheduled video did not arrive. I did not get a response to support contact inquiries. After I called and spoke briefly with him, I received a couple of emails from him explaining that he is 70 years old, has prostate cancer, and doesn't have the energy to produce the videos weekly anymore. He said he will try to produce them about twice a month.

    I hope he recovers fully.
  2. What were the mental exercises? Mine I envision the pain of letting 2 weeks work get blown in one session from lack of discipline.
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  3. If you're able to blow 2 weeks work on one trade...you've got a rather horrible trading plan or skill or strategy or tactics or approach.
    If I have a bad day or trade, it will only set me back one day, or one trade only...Not back 2 weeks o_O, :confused:

    Happy New Year 2018, DS...may this year become the Year...that you finally become an ET, extraterrestrial trader...High-Five`
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  4. Here's his site https://www.daytradingpsychology.com/ You can get a better explanation of his service directly than through me. Best wishes. I am sad he's sick and less able to provide services.
  5. Thank you LL! I've been going through all the growth pains all y'all warned me about when I started last year. I will update my progress when I think I've reached consistency. I presently forecast that will happen within the next four weeks. We'll see.
  6. Read through website, it’s like being given a draw by numbers schematic in reference to trading mistakes/discipline.

    I strongly believe everyone’s personalities have certain quirks or hang ups. But it’s highly important to realize or come to the realization of your faults. Otherwise you will never truly develop the foundations to excel at a high level. An outsider can analyze your trading patterns and point out what aspects can be changed. But a truly introspective person can do the same.

    To help in a highly leveraged trading plan. The faults have to be systemized out. Meaning the tools are available where faults aren’t allowed to represent themselves in the decision making. The system restricts or restrains bad tendencies.
  7. Watched the video.Liked how different types interact as a trader developes.What mixture is good or bad was especially cool.Hope he recovers soon.
  8. SteveH


    Virtually everyone over the age of 40 has cancerous cells somewhere in their body.

    Cancer needs massive amounts of glucose (sugar in the blood) to thrive and grow. It also favor an acidic environment. Healthy human cells can comsume either glucose or small chain fatty acids (SCFA) for energy production. Cancerous cells CANNOT use SCFAs for energy production because their mitochondria are damaged.

    The average person in the U.S. consumes roughly 145 lbs of refined sugars in their diet per year. 95% of Americans have below normal levels of vitamin D, a hormone essential for stem cells to produce healthy, specialized cells.

    You'll get a fast, detailed education if you watch all the videos by Dr John Whitcomb on the MDCustomRX YouTube channel and follow his blog at blog.newsinnutrition.com. The books/works of Dr Dale Bredesen, Dr Steven Gundry, Dr Jason Fung, Dr John Whitcomb and Dr Valter Longo will clearly spell out what you need to do over the age of 40 to prolong good health.

    Step #1: GET OFF SUGAR. It is directly linked the the majority of maladies which plague us in later life.

    If you don't have a 12 hour fasting glucose level of 86 or lower (buy a glucometer, it's cheap for the value)), then it's a probable sign you have more problems you're currently unaware of. The 4 pillars of good health are low internal inflammation (C-Reactive Protein and homosysteine blood tests), low levels of glycation (A1C blood test), low oxidation (measure of free radicals [unstable electrons] in your system and low stress (measure of cortisol hormone).

    Dr Dale Bredesen's book on Alzheimer's Disease is THE source to find out how to keep your hormones and neural pathways as healthy as possible. The path to lowering your risks of AD is THE SAME PATH to lowering your risks of auto-immune diseases, Type II diabetes and increasing longevity.
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  9. Step #2 should be to turn Vegan...meat has much more negatives, than positives.

    Who knows...maybe in 100 or 200 years or so...meat will be the new Cigarettes/nicotine that everyone frowns upon.
    It's not that difficult to get more than ample sources of protein elsewhere, rather then in meat products. Egg whites, milk, protein bars, whey protein powders, fish...are all high quality sources of meat alternatives.
    Meat is high in saturated fat and sodium. Eating yourself to an early heart attack and high blood pressure and cholesterol.

    Funny you mentioned Sugar just now...I was just out of my house to go to the grocery store...and I was planning on buying Powdered donuts. :confused:
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  10. I'm sorry to hear about that -- I have spoken with him on a couple of occasions and he provided some helpful insights. From the time he stated his new service until late last year, he was pretty good about getting the videos out every week. In addition to trading, he loves playing tennis and I'm sure this has limited his playing. My thoughts and prayers go out to him.

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