Dude buys 150k Jan TWTR calls

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  1. Maverick74


    My info said the trade was crossed and printed later. No such trade executed on the exchange. Customer bought the fly OTC and crossed it.

    Largest single print today was by a customer who do did the Jan 65/105 conversion for an .80 credit 1500 times.
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  2. Go fire up a bloomberg time/sales. All on ARCAOPT(PSE) and ALL outright orders. Go look.
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  3. newwurldmn


    there is a 1000 lot that traded at 5 on the pcoast. maybe he's taking credit for it when he didn't trade it, but unlike other charlitons on here, there is a print.

    skew is inverted like its a take over name. vols across the term are up. June vol is up 15 vegas (from 65 to 80) unlike a take over name.

    The fly have been the trade, but the surface isn't behaving like it's a fly. It's behaving like Duke and Duke know something.
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  4. In fact, I don't have BBG, but I sold 1k 95s @ 4.70 at 10:29:15 central time on ARCAOPT
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  5. popcorn.gif
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  6. and then 1k @ 5.00 i sold 10:29:48.
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  7. Post the confirm or get banned bra!
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    The vol curve is reflecting every dimwit and his uncle who were short the naked calls and are now getting squeezed. In fact, the entire vol curve is showing that across all the months. The fly traded. I'm not trying to sell anything. Yeah the dude called a print that one can pull up on time and sales in 3 seconds. He never traded it. If he wants to post a screen shot of the execution I'll recant my statement. I assure you, you will see no such screen shot. Of course many excuses will be given why.
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  9. In all, I traded roughly 13000 contracts in TWTR and not a single fly.
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  10. gmst


    If it was a fly, it sounds very plausible. but if it was just an outright, from a bank's perspective - could be related to hedging gamma (barrier maybe?!!) to hedge out risk from some OTC structured product. Nevertheless, a case for a super-interesting holiday trade.
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