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    Funny you mentioned that, I am in the process of watching it. Started it last night. I usually get through about 30-40 mins of a film when I settle into bed and start watching. I guess it will be a couple more days before I finish it.

    I am trying to view it as if I never saw the first film, and of course I have totally forgotten the book.

    I am up to the scene where Paul encounters that whole pain-box thing.
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    They don’t even meet Stilgar (again) until the last ten minutes. The movie just ends. I get that it’s to be a trilogy but the original had a payoff. So many books… this is a cop out. Awful. Boring, slow. Villeneuve never mentioned a trilogy when interviewed. This shit doesn’t stand on its own. They don’t even lose control until nearly two hours in.
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    Game of Thrones treatment then? Heh.
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    I was a great fan of the books and enjoyed the Villeneuve film. The last thing I need is a copy of a ground-breaking film I already saw, but which is not ground-breaking.

    Same as I don't want to spend my time listening to tribute bands.
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    Agree. Messy, sprawling, disapointing, seems to be the general consensus.
    And it Sucked.
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    I had not heard it was a two parter of the first book and a third for Dune Messiah. After an hour I was feeling a bit annoyed as the pacing was totally out of whack for two and a half hours. And of course.. Where was Feyd?

    The writing to avoid the exact lines used in the original movie was OK but not well done sometimes. The way the frame size moved to not quite fill the screen in parts was very irritating. If he had to do a kind of Zack Snyder, it was too little.

    Visuals are decent and lots reimagined, Foundation however stole their thunder.
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    Good old days, when anger had focus.
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    I meant Lynch, not Villeneuve.
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    Yeah, I am a huge fan of the Lynch film. I thought the effects were fantastic for the time and they managed to complete the story. Watching this was like range anxiety in a Tesla... "thirty minutes left and they've not even met the Fremen!" I don't think much of Villeneuve and his mood pieces. Arrival was OK, but Blade Runner was crap. Villeneuve won't film montages, but the American audience is accustomed to it and his style would work (thematically).

    He's a one trick pony.

    This was like watching a miniseries of a test pattern.
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