DWAC, the Trump Social-Media SPAC, Surges: What to Know

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    imnsho, the next Facebook; the answer to Baffled Biden and the fascists that masked freedom of speech on Twitter et alia. I'm not licensed to give advice, but pile in before it goes to the moon!


    What is DWAC?
    Digital World Acquisition Corp. DWAC +99.03% is a special-purpose acquisition company, or SPAC. It is essentially a pot of money raised from investors with the intention of finding a private company to buy. In this case, DWAC completed its initial public offering in September.

    Hundreds of SPACs have been launched in the past two years, tapping into two market trends: investor enthusiasm to buy anything, and a flood of private startups looking to hit the public markets.

    Why is DWAC going crazy?
    This SPAC was up sharply from its listing price earlier Friday. The stock is surging in part because it is linked to one of the major figures on social media, former President Donald Trump, and this seems to have spurred a wave of individual-investor interest. The firm is also promoting itself as having a large market opportunity in presenting an alternative to what it views as the liberal-minded media establishment.

    How is Donald Trump involved?
    Unclear. He is listed as chairman (a notoriously vague corporate title) of Trump Media & Technology Group, the newly formed company that is merging with DWAC and that has plans to launch a conservative-leaning social network called Truth Social.

    A little friendly reminder of the day he was masked: my blood boils today just as hot as it did the day I tried to load his T*tter page and saw this:

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  2. ipatent


    These social media companies are so overvalued, that if Trump peels off a few million people it could be worth a lot of money.
  3. Ricter


    "How is Donald Trump involved? Unclear. He is listed as chairman (a notoriously vague corporate title)..."

    They're just licensing the Trump brand so they can use and profit from images of his leadership.

  4. ipatent


    Competition is good for the public. Eventually twitter & FB could be broken up or regulated like utilities.
  5. kmiklas


    That theme is played... this is the next chapter. 70,000,000 people cannot be ignored.

    This is the beginning of a structural change in social media. The train's a' comin... it's a juggernaut.
  6. Ricter


    No? They seem to believe 80,000,000 can be ignored.
  7. kmiklas


    Well at least we're allowing them to exercise their freedom of speech, and not masking them.
  8. Ricter


    You're allowing nothing, you don't have the power to change it, which is why you're running to your safe space.
  9. kmiklas


    I have to watch every word on Twitter, Facebook, and YT for fear of the banhammer dropping. It's impossible to exercise freedom of speech, voice opposing opinions, or state critical thinking; It's basically for puppies and kittens now.

    President Trump will respect Freedom of Speech on his new social media platform.
  10. Ricter


    I hear ya, I get banned from Breitbart for criticizing Russia and Putin, lol.

    Anyway, a warning: take a lesson from Parler and watch what nonsense you spew on your new platform, particularly if it suggests violence and planning. We can and will shut down this one, too, and at great cost to dumb investors.
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