Earn a pathetic 3.4% return, and get paid $350 million

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    To make Alpha’s list, a manager needed to earn at least $240 million last year, nearly double the amount in 2005. That is up from a minimum of $30 million in 2001 and 2002. Combined, the top 25 hedge fund managers last year earned $14 billion — enough to pay New York City’s 80,000 public school teachers for nearly three years.
  2. :eek: Nice work if you can get it.
  3. I thought CEOs were getting away with bloody murder when they negotiated their golden parachute packages, but this is just crazy
  4. Frankly, if someone like Simons can give me a 44% return consistently, I wouldn't care what his fees were... He deserves every penny.
  5. Frankly, if you thinks thats really possible over the long run without cheating, then I have a very fine bridge for you in Bklyn, NY

    Or are you talking about Russel Simmons selling hip hop to the droopy drawers crowd? Now thats a cash cow.

  6. Might as well put the money in a bank account and earn a better return without paying any "management" fee.
  7. I manage a hedge fund and serve as investment counsel for 2 mutual funds right now - you want to know something - i've never had an investor tell me they felt ripped off by the fees for my fund (2%/25%) - they understand that you're providing them a service that they themselves can't/won't do, as well as the fact that sometimes you win, sometimes you loose, but as long as you win in the long-run it's okay

    The only people who seem to bitch about the 'outrageous' fees are those who read an internet article or two about fund fees and deem themselves experts on the subject. These people also dont' seem to understand that somebody who made $350M on a 3.4% YTD rtn didn't just get there overnight by scratching his balls and working a dead-end job making $50K/yr hoping to get lucky one day.

    That being said; no I didn't make over $100M salary for 2006....I r teh sucky :(

    it's only cheating if you get caught manipulating the market :D
  8. Then they haven't seen your post history here on ET.

    zing! :)
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