Easy ED trade

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    Sell MAR22DEC23 @84

    Roll front contract every 6 months as it expires

    On a 40 lot, ur margin will be about $20k and u can make $80k over 2 years.

    Fed has to raise rates over 84bps for u to lose money (if u hold the trade).

    My view is Fed won't raise at all, and definitely won't raise more than 50 with a Dem in office.

    Welcome all criticisms.
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    easy money?
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    you are selling in the middle of the hilited rectangle.

    I don't know how long the spread will stay within the rectangle.
    It may be a few more months, a few more years, decades ...

    all the best mister.
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    Trading LIBOR spreads technically holds no value. Many people made millions up until 2008 by fading tops and bottoms in double flies and condors. The reason I'm not using a butterfly position for this trade is that the potential return versus the decrease in required margin is not sufficient.

    I was hoping for a discussion regarding the fundamental aspects of the trade.
  5. is there a particular reason you like eurodollars than an outright bet on treasury futures?
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    I only trade long duration bonds like ZN as a spread against Bunds and CGB's. 3 month forward rates are basically a political animal. I find 10 year rates encompass too many variables to reliably predict.
  7. CGBs = Carribean Government Bonds?
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    I like it. Also a long vol analog.
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    Exactly. It can be used to hedge a dedicated long equity position.
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