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    How would ppl here trading at Echo rate the automated trading with Predator Pro software? Can anyone offer comparison between predator pro and automated order entries and exit available at other prop firms like Bright or any other firm offering that. Does this software put echo ahead of other prop shops

  2. I also would be interested on any info on the software and execution platform that Echo offers.

    Also does anybody know if their software fees are negotiable?

  3. I heard there were software rebates depending on your volume of shares traded, like $100 off per whatever 100 thousand shares traded. But better off getting it directly from the horse's mouth.
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    I would also be interested in the overall level of service with Echo.
  5. Thanks for you reply,

    If you leave the firm, do you know if they hold the capital contribution for a period of time?

    Does anybody have any comments on there execution platform?
  6. been with echo since october of 2003....

    very happy customer...they respond to questions and are more than fair...

    started at maybe 5 to 10 thousand shares a day... now i trade in excess of 250,000 shares some days...

    they treat me the same as from day one...

    if you are straight with them they will be straight with you...

    software is very good and suggestions are implemented if they make sense...

    visit there website or pm me for more details...

    i do not work for echo..i am an independent trader
  7. The platform is good. Service is good too. Software is not really negotiable, but they are fair. It's rebated like stated in the post above. Just tell them what you need, and they'll tell you if they can do it.
  8. been with ECHO since 2001, and can't complain. used predator pro for enveloping about a year ago, and it ran smooth. today, have put together a group of a few remote traders to negotiate better rates on the volume, and they were ok with the idea, so that was great. i have to say, the guys there are straightfoward and work to resolve any issues or concerns.
  9. I have heard the same. Solid group.

    The sheets at PAX suck but that is because we had something great at Sage. I hope ML will not kill the service at PAX. I am not holding my breath.

    Just my opinion.
  10. Just some trivia, my brother worked at PAX as a computer engineer after 2000 and helped design the systems on which trades are cleared ;)
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